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Mod Archiver
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Imperator Invictus Mod

I am a volunteer contributor to the Imperator Invictus Mod (the mod) team. I am primarily tasked with archiving the editions and modifications made by the mod in subpages beneath the primary title page found as Imperator Invictus.

Category:Imperator Invictus — Pages included in the Imperator Invictus mod wiki: 59 page(s).

Current Focus

  • Revive the Imperator Invictus wiki to reflect the current state of the game.
    • Create pages for new traits, deities, heritages, missions, and countries.
    • Upload relevant artwork for all new additions.
    • Provide summaries of each new page.
  • Follow dev diaries for new developments
    • Make new pages for future content
    • Code easy-to-use templates and template pages


Main article: User:KitKat.Invasion/Sandbox

Working on new ideas and code in here...