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This is the documentation page for Template:Rewrite.
When it is viewed directly, links using variables may appear broken; do not replace these with hardcoded page names or URLs.

Rewrite can be used to highlight articles or sections that need revision.


This table may be added by copy-pasting the template as shown below into an article.



There are none.


There are none.


Puts a table onto the page concerning revision.

Updating This Template

You shouldn't have to.



Will display this:

On the talk page, please select the items from the list below that apply to the page. In addition copy the title to allow easy linking. Below is a description of rewrites, where the page has been tagged delete the comments not needed and add in any special instructions.


This page has been tagged as a {{Rewrite}}, the below issues have been found when the page is compared to the style guidelines

  1. Use of first person: Please change to third person
  2. Use of you/your: Please change to third person
  3. Use of gender: Please use gender neutral language
  4. Use of slang/ internet speak: Please correct to full English sentences
  5. Bad grammar/spelling: Please correct it
  6. Prescriptive instructions: Make more generic
  7. Excessive use of bold/capitals: Use italics instead for emphasis, if emphasis is not needed then remove
  8. Links in section names: Use the {{main}} template instead
  9. List: Reformat into prose (a listed ideas section is acceptable)
  10. Repetitive strategy sections: Merge into relevant up to date strategy
  11. Absence of links: Links missing or replaced by bold or italics which do not function
  12. Poor sectioning: Article should be broken up into easy to understand sections
  13. Version specific strategy: Update to fit current version or delete
  14. References to the player outside strategy sections: Please refer to agents rather than the player