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| light infantry, militia || {{icon|light infantry}}
| light infantry, militia || {{icon|light infantry}}
| supply train || {{icon|supply train}}
| war elephants || {{icon|war elephants}}
| war elephants || {{icon|war elephants}}

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This is the documentation page for Template:Icon.
When it is viewed directly, links using variables may appear broken; do not replace these with hardcoded page names or URLs.

This template can be used for embedding icons in the Imperator: Rome wiki, thus making them more colorful, easy to read and standardized. The available icons link to the concept they represent.


The first parameter is the identifier for the icon. It has no default value and is always required.
The second parameter is the width of the icon. It is optional. The default value is normally 28px, for advisor icons 77px, for attitude icons and rebel icons 24px and for building icons 48px.


{{icon|identifier}} or {{icon|identifier|width}}

Insert the relevant identifier in the above syntax. The available identifier can be found in the table below.

{{icon|mil}} will generate Military power.png.

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List of available icons


all power, all power costs, power costs All power costs.png
cost Cost
civ, civic power, finesse Civic power.png
mil, military power, martial Military power.png
ora, oratory power, charisma Oratory power.png
pol, political influence Political influence.png
rel, religious power, zeal Religious power.png
time Time
wealth Wealth
Unit types (land)
archers Unit archers.png
camel cavalry Camels
chariots Unit chariots.png
heavy cavalry Unit heavy cavalry.png
heavy infantry Unit heavy infantry.png
horse archers Unit horse archers.png
light cavalry Unit light cavalry.png
light infantry, militia Unit light infantry.png
supply train Unit supply train.png
war elephants Unit war elephants.png
Unit types (naval)
hexere Unit hexere.png
liburnian Unit liburnian.png
mega-polyreme Unit mega-polyreme.png
octere Unit octere.png
tetrere Unit tetrere.png
trireme Unit trireme.png
Army tactics (land)
bottleneck Bottleneck
cavalry skirmish Cavalry skirmish
deception Deception
envelopment Envelopment
hit-and-run, hit and run Hit-and-Run
padma vyuha Padma vyuha
phalanx Phalanx
shock action Shock action
skirmishing Skirmishing
triplex acies Triplex acies
Army tactics (naval)
close ranks Close ranks
frontal assault Frontal assault
harassment Harassment
naval envelopment Naval envelopment
probing attack Probing attack
citizens Citizens
freemen Freemen
slaves Slaves
tribesmen Tribesmen

National values

aggressive expansion Aggressive expansion.png
military exp Military experience.png
stability Stability.png
tyranny Tyranny


Trade goods
amber Amber
base metals Base metals
camel, camels Camels
cloth Cloth
dates Dates
dyes, dye Dyes
elephants Elephants
fish Fish
furs, fur Furs
Trade goods
gemstones, gems Gemstones
glass Glass
grain Grain
hemp Hemp
honey Honey
horses Horses
incense Incense
iron Iron
leather Leather
Trade goods
marble Marble
olives, olive Olives
papyrus Papyrus
precious metals Precious metals
salt Salt
silk Silk
spices Spices
steppe horses Steppe horses
stone Stone
vegetables Vegetables
Trade goods
wild game Wild game
wine Wine
woad Woad
wood Wood


National modifiers
assassinate cost Bribe character cost.png
bribe character cost Bribe character cost.png
build cost Build cost.png
call omen cost Omen.png
change governor policy cost Change governor policy cost.png
diplomatic relations Diplomatic relations.png
diplomatic reputation Diplomatic reputation.png
imprison cost Bribe character cost.png
improve opinion maximum Improve opinion maximum.png
invoke devotio,
Invoke devotio.png
legitimacy Legitimacy.png
national tax National tax
omen power Omen.png
research points Research points.png
senate influence Senate influence
smear reputation cost Smear reputation cost
technology speed Technology speed
tribute income Tribute income
tributary opinion of us,
tributary opinion
Tributary opinion of us
warscore cost Warscore cost.png
Province modifiers
commerce value Commerce value.png
fort defense Fort defense.png
local tax Tax income.png
Pop modifiers
happiness Pop happy.png
local output modifier Local output
local population growth Local population growth.png
wrong culture happiness Wrong culture happiness
Army modifiers
assault ability Assault ability.png
army weight modifier
cohort recruit speed Local cohort recruit speed.png
combat bonus Combat bonus
defense Defense
discipline Discipline.png
maintenance Maintenance.png
manpower Manpower.png
manpower recovery speed Manpower recovery speed.png
mercenary maintenance Mercenary maintenance.png
monthly war exhaustion Monthly war exhaustion
morale Morale.png
morale of armies Morale of armies
offense Offense
reinforcement speed Reinforcement speed.png
siege ability Siege ability
supply limit Supply limit.png
unit reorganization cost Unit reorganization cost.png



Health traits
arthritis Arthritis.png
barren Barren.png
blind Blind.png
bloody flux,
hemorrhagic fever
Bloody flux.png
brain damaged Brain damaged.png
cancer Cancer.png
castrated Castrated.png
dementia Dementia.png
depressed Depressed.png
diphtheria Diphtheria.png
dysentery Dysentery.png
epileptic Epileptic.png
fair Fair.png
frail Frail.png
gangrene Gangrene.png
gout Gout.png
hunchback Hunchback
inbred Inbred.png
infection Infection.png
inflammation Inflammation.png
invalid Invalid.png
leper Leper.png
limp Limp.png
lisp Lisp.png
lunatic Lunatic.png
maimed Maimed
mentagra Mentagra
mourning Mourning
one eyed
paralysis Paralysis
plague Plague
pneumonia Pneumonia
pox Pox
seeking treatment Seeking treatment
stressed Stressed
stutter Stutter
ugly Ugly.png
wounded Wounded.png
Military traits
aggressive Aggressive.png
brave Brave.png
confident Confident.png
coward Coward.png
disciplined Disciplined.png
original thinker Original thinker.png
steadfast Steadfast
tactically inflexible Tactically inflexible
tactician Tactician
Personality traits
ambitious Ambitious.png
arbitrary Arbitrary.png
arrogant Arrogant.png
assertive Assertive.png
benefactor Benefactor.png
blunt Blunt.png
cautious Cautious.png
chaste Chaste.png
cold Cold.png
content Content.png
corrupt Corrupt.png
crafty Crafty.png
cruel Cruel.png
deceitful Deceitful.png
devout Devout.png
dumb Dumb.png
energetic Energetic.png
foolish Foolish.png
forgiving Forgiving.png
founder Founder.png
generous Generous.png
good natured Good natured.png
guileless Guileless.png
harsh Harsh
honest Honest
humble Humble
incapable Incapable.png
intelligent Intelligent.png
jealous Jealous.png
just Just.png
kindly Kindly.png
lapsed Lapsed.png
lazy Lazy.png
loving Loving.png
Personality traits
lustful Lustful.png
merciful Merciful
miserly Miserly
modest Modest
monotonous Monotonous
obsessive Obsessive.png
pious Pious
plain speaking Plain-speaking
polymath Polymath
prominent Prominent
proud Proud
rash Rash.png
reckless Reckless.png
righteous Righteous.png
sarcastic Sarcastic
scholar Scholar
secure Secure
self-controlled :Self-controlled
selfish Selfish
shrewd Shrewd
skeptical Skeptical
silver tongued Silver tongued
stubborn Stubborn
submissive Submissive
suspicious Suspicious
tolerant Tolerant
trusting Trusting
uncaring Uncaring.png
unnoticeable Unnoticeable.png
vengeful Vengeful.png
weak-willed Weak-willed.png
wise Wise.png
zealous Zealous.png
Status traits
blood of lysimachus,
Blood of Lysimachus.png
blood of antigonus,
Blood of Antigonus.png
blood of antipatros,
Blood of Antipatros.png
blood of the argeads,
Blood of the Argeads.png
blood of the lagidae,
Blood of the Lagidae.png
blood of seleucus,
Blood of Seleucus.png
conqueror Conqueror.png
olympic competitor Olympic competitor.png
orator Orator.png
poet Poet
victorious Victorious.png

Character values

corruption Corruption.png
fertility Fertility.png
health Health
loyalty Loyalty.png
popularity Popularity
prominence Prominence
max friends Max friends
max rivals Max rivals
Modifiers for generals
enslavement efficiency Enslavement efficiency.png