Subject nations

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Subject Nations


Perhaps the most basic subject type in the game is the Tributary. This is a loose relationship where the subject is simply looking for protection in exchange for tribute. Unlike most other subject types the subject can at any time cancel a Tributary relationship, the only risk being that the former overlord will get a Casus Belli for the slight on their honor.

  • Payment: 25% of income is paid to overlord monthly.
  • Requirements: Any country can be a Tributary.
  • Special Rules:
    • Overlord will protect the subject if it is attacked.
    • This relationship does not cost a diplomatic slot.
    • The Subject will not join in the wars of the Overlord.
    • The Subject cannot be integrated diplomatically.
    • The Subject can break the relationship diplomatically.


Guarantees are a relationship through which a powerful country can guarantee the independence of a weaker one. Guarantees take up 1 diplomatic relation. If a guaranteed nation is attacked a call to arms will be issued to the guaranteeing nations. War leadership will transfer from a guaranteed country when its strongest (most populous) protector is called. Once war leadership has transferred, the new warleader can call in their subjects and allies.