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* '''Western Rome''', if none of the others are valid
* '''Western Rome''', if none of the others are valid
Once the civil war is won, Rome will change its back to one of the following to represent the reunification of the Roman state:
Once the civil war is won, Rome will change its name back to one of the following to represent the reunification of the Roman state:
* '''Roman Empire''', if Rome has the Empire government form
* '''Roman Empire''', if Rome has the Empire government form
* '''Roman Kingdom''', if Rome is otherwise a [[monarchy]]
* '''Roman Kingdom''', if Rome is otherwise a [[monarchy]]

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Flag of Rome Roman heritage

Manpower recovery speed.png +5% Manpower recovery speed
Integrate speed.png +0.10 Integration Speed
Naval morale modifier.png −5% Morale of Navies

Flag of Rome Rome is a local power in Italia, once one of the many Latin city states that has expanded to subjugate several neighbouring tribes and control various outlying areas outside its home region in the wake of its victory in the Second Samnite War. As a highly militarized state with an almost unparalleled ability in the ancient world to mobilize its population and organize defeated foes such as Flag of Marsia Marsia and Flag of Frentania Frentania into subject allies ready to fight at their side, the Romans have eclipsed their traditional rivals of Flag of Etruria Etruria and Flag of Samnium Samnium to become the most powerful nation in the region, poised to unite the cities and tribes of Italy under its rule and emerge as a new challenger to the established order of the Mediterranean world. Surrounded by mostly weaker nations sharing a religion and culture group, with few real threats nearby and a large amount of flavour to guide its conquests, Rome has potential far exceeding its starting size and is considered a good beginner nation. Historically, Rome would quickly subjugate the other Italian states and establish itself as a significant power after its victory in the Pyrrhic Wars, followed by the complete destruction of Flag of Carthage Carthage and the conquest of the Western Mediterranean with much of Hispania and Gaul to follow while further incursions into Greece and the Diadochi states would see Roman rule extended to much of the east by the end of the game's timeline. While this rapid expansion would see deep political destabilization and civil wars that would end only with the end of the republic, the vast Mediterranean empire that had built would last for centuries more, leaving a political and cultural legacy that would dominate Europe to the present day.


If Rome reforms its government form into an Empire, its name will change to the Roman Empire.

Additionally, the Roman civil war events that create Flag of Eastern Rome Eastern Rome will also rename the original Roman tag into one of 5 possible names depending on its government form:

  • Western Roman Republic, if Rome is a republic
  • Western Roman Empire, if Rome has the Empire government form
  • Western Roman Dictatorship, if Rome has the Dictatorship government form
  • Western Roman Kingdom, if Rome has another monarchical government form
  • Western Rome, if none of the others are valid

Once the civil war is won, Rome will change its name back to one of the following to represent the reunification of the Roman state:

  • Roman Empire, if Rome has the Empire government form
  • Roman Kingdom, if Rome is otherwise a monarchy
  • Rome, otherwise


Main article: Roman missions

With the Punic Wars DLC, Rome has a unique set of 9 missions primarily focusing on its conquests during the time period, including the unification of Italy, the struggle with Flag of Carthage Carthage over Africa and the Western Mediterranean, conquering the tribes of Gaul and Hispania, and incursions into the east to gain control of the Hellenistic states of Greece and Asia.

Like all other countries, Rome also has access to the Generic missions regardless of whether or not the DLC is enabled.


Main articles: Roman events, Roman flavor events

In addition to those from its unique mission trees, Rome also has a number of country-specific events and event chains that can trigger, primarily focused around internal political developments and struggles and its wars of expansion against its neighbours. Some of the more important and notable event chains are described below.

Conflict of the Orders

Near the beginning of the game, Rome will receive a number of events dealing with the struggles between the plebians and patricians and will be able to choose whether to go through with full reforms to the legal system or try to pursue a more moderate path with the patricio-plebian aristocracy.

Punic War events

If Flag of Carthage Carthage attacks a country within the vicinity of Rome the defender can attempt to call for help from Rome in response to which Rome can either prepare for war or seek a more peaceful relationship with Flag of Carthage Carthage, simulating the circumstances around the beginning of the Punic Wars. As well, when at war if a Roman navy is defeated by Flag of Carthage Carthage Rome can get an event where a Carthaginian ship is captured and studied, allowing Rome to adopt their construction techniques and gain a permanent ship construction bonus.

Expansion events

Once Rome reaches the south of Italy, there are events that will trigger that give claims on the Epirote and Illyrian coast. Pursuing these claims and making further conquests in the region will trigger further events that give claims on the rest of Macedonia and Greece, encouraging Roman expansion in the area.

Roman Eagle events

If a Roman army is defeated in war, there is a chance that its eagle standard will be captured and brought back to the enemy capital as a spoil of war, giving a significant bonus to the victorious nation's capital delivering a severe blow to Roman morale. Rome's pride and honour can be restored if the city is conquered by Rome and the lost eagle recovered.

Ambitious politican events

Once Rome has grown into a Country rank 5.png major power, an Ambitious ambitious character might become frustrated with the normal political process and turn to more questionable means in pursuit of the consulship, reflecting the political struggles and instability of the late Roman Republic. While this event chain is ongoing, the character will become more disloyal and may seek support from the current ruler, attack the current successor, and recruit supporters from the provinces, and if the character loses again in the next election they may start a Civil war.png civil war if they not sufficiently loyal.

Rise of a dictator events

A rising Rome that has become a Country rank 5.png major power may also face Ambitious ambitious and populist generals who seek to control the nation by force, representing the coups and civil wars of the late Republic, particularly the rise of Julius Caesar. Like with the ambitious politician event chain, various events can trigger where the ambitious general can try to recruit or coerce support from characters and provinces as well as enlarging their personal armies, and after 5 years if the general is not dealt with the republic will have to accede to his/her dictatorship or face Civil war.png civil war.


Flag of Rome Rome has a few country-specific decisions relating to expanding and embellishing various important areas in the city, as well as reorganizing conquered areas. These decisions can be found in /ImperatorRome/game/decisions/rome.txt.


Expanding the Campus Martius

The Campus Martius plays an essential role in training our troops and inspire them to greatness. By expanding the training site we will have a greater capacity for recruiting and preparing new soldiers for warfare.

In addition we will build new temples that will make the Campus a place worth remembering. As they train, our men will be able to look to these places for valor and strength.

Potential requirements
  • Has at least 1 territory
  • Is Flag of Rome Rome
  • Does not have the modifier Expanded Campus Martius
  • Is Hellenic religion
  • Controls Roma (1)
  • Level of Military power.png Martial Advances is greater than 3
  • Has more than Wealth 250 gold

  • Lose Wealth 250 gold
  • Get the modifier Expanded Campus Martius until the end of the game, giving:
    • Manpower recovery speed.png +5% Manpower recovery speed
    • Starting experience.png +5% Cohort starting experience
    • Local cohort recruit speed.png +5% Cohort recruit speed

Embellish the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus

The Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus stands at the center of our faith and city. At the Capitoline Hill it stands as a testament to our rule, and the blessing of the heavens.

Embellishing and improving the temple further is sure to be a popular move among our people, and what better way to secure the boons of the gods?.

Potential requirements
  • Has at least 1 territory
  • Is Flag of Rome Rome
  • Does not have the modifier Embellished Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus
  • Is Hellenic religion
  • Controls Roma (1)
  • Level of Religious power.png Religious Advances is greater than 5
  • Has more than Wealth 350 gold

  • Lose Wealth 350 gold
  • If the country is a monarchy, gain Legitimacy.png 20 legitimacy
  • Ruler gains Popularity.png 25 popularity
  • Get the modifier Embellished Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus until the end of the game, giving:
    • Discipline.png +2.5% Discipline
    • Omen.png +10% Omen power

Institute Corinth as Local Capital

Our wars in Greece have exacted a heavy toll on the area. A show of magnanimity is required to build confidence in our rule, and our advisors suggest that Corinth would be the ideal place for a concerted effort to implement a program of public works.

Potential requirements
  • Has at least 1 territory
  • Is Flag of Rome Rome
  • Owns at least one province in the Greece region
  • Has not enacted this decision before
  • Has more than Cost 300 gold
  • Owns all territories in the Achaea province

  • Lose Cost 300 gold
  • Add Citizens 4 Citizen pops and Freemen 4 Freemen pops of state culture and religion to Korinthos (418)
  • Add a Granary to Korinthos (418) if any building slots are available


Rome starts with the feudatories of Flag of Frentania Frentania, Flag of Marsia Marsia, Flag of Nuceria Nuceria, and Flag of Pelignia Pelignia.


Rome has a Population.png population of 399 pops at the beginning of the game, distributed across Local.png 23 territories. Rome's population is predominantly Roman Hellenic, particularly in its core province of Latium. Within the Italic culture group. parts of Roman-controlled Campania that were recently taken from Flag of Samnium Samnium are still Sabellian Hellenic, while Messapian Hellenic pops predominate in Roman Apulia. The former Greek colony of Neapolis has Italiotian Hellenic culture, and like with many other Mediterranean countries there are small minorities of Hebrew Jewish pops in some of the larger cities.

Pop ratios are as follows:

  • 147 Citizens Citizens (36.84%)
  • 135 Freemen Freemen (33.83%)
  • 24 Tribesmen Tribesmen (6.02%), and
  • 93 Slaves Slaves (23.31%).


The Roman lands consist of 15 Territory settlement.png settlements plus 8 Territory city.png cities, of which Ostia and Neapolis are ports. There are 5 Building fortress.png fortresses built.

As for trade goods, Rome starts as follows:

  • Capital surplus: Grain grain, Iron iron, and Wine wine
  • Local production: Cloth cloth, Earthenware earthenware, Fish fish, Furs furs, Hemp hemp, Horses horses, Livestock livestock, Olives olives, Salt salt, and Wood wood
  • Export: Cloth cloth to Flag of Syracusae Syracusae
  • Import: Grain grain from Flag of Lingonia (Italy) Lingonia (Italy).

They also possess one of the few roads in the game, the historical Appian Way, which goes from Ostia (on the border with Flag of Etruria Etruria) through Roma down to Saticula (on the border with Flag of Samnium Samnium).

Unique laws

Main article: Laws#Republic Laws (Roman version)

If Rome is a republic, it will have a unique set of laws drawn from various historical laws and policies historically considered or enacted by the Roman Republic. Most of these laws differ only in their names and descriptions from the standard republic laws, except that one of the assembly laws has a slightly different modifier.


Rome will be granted with free, event-generated claims on a number of provinces in Italia (in the first year) and Magna Graecia in the early game, and then on Carthago and Graeca sometime later. After owning a province in Tarentum claims for Epirus are given, when you own land in that area claim for Macedonia are given, if you own land in Macedonia claims for Greece are given. This will make it easier for the player to expand, not having to worry about Political influence.png Political Influence needed to generate claims. Rome has access to Iron Iron and Horses Horses, making it possible to recruit Unit heavy infantry.png Heavy Infantry and Unit heavy cavalry.png Cavalry as soon as the game starts. At the start of the game, Rome has a single army of 18 cohorts, which break down into 6 archers, 6 heavy infantry and 6 light cavalries. Additionally, Rome's vassals have up to 30 cohorts, which will aid in wars. The maximum Manpower for Rome at 450 A.V.C is 53,950. With this number, Rome gains 214 Manpower each month. 26 of the 214 monthly Manpower is the result of Rome's four Subjects. Rome has a single fleet of 16 ships. This is more than enough to fight any neighbor given they don't all ally with each other.

With the combined might of Rome and its vassals, it should be relatively easy to annex Flag of Etruria Etruria and the rest of Italia early in the game, which give a nice base to invade Flag of Macedon Macedon, Flag of Epirus Epirus and the rest of Greece when those events happen. When planning the invasion of Greece, it might be a good idea to start with 20px Korkyra, if it is still independent and lacks strong allies, since it is a good foothold to invade Epirus. Rome needs to build a strong fleet in order to invade across the Adriatic sea, but Rome should have no problems with maintaining the strongest fleet in the eastern Mediterranean after it has annexed Italia. The fleet is both needed to actually transport troops to Greece and the block off the many straits in Greece.

Usually, Flag of Macedon Macedon, Flag of Phrygia Phrygia and Flag of Egypt Egypt will guarantee all the Greek city-states between them, so you will come into conflict with all three of them. At all time look for weak alliances, where you might be able to attack 2 or 3 small nations at the time without those three intervening, or at least with only one of them intervening. But it is impossible to take Greece with coming into direct war with all three of them, just make sure it is not at the same time.


There are multiple achievements, which can only be achieved by Rome:

Carthago Delenda Est icon
Carthago Delenda Est
As Rome, own and sack Carthage.
Mare Nostrum icon
Mare Nostrum
As Rome, own every city adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea.
Times New Roman icon
Times New Roman
As Rome, conquer the cities of Cariala, Italica, and Aquae Helveticae
What have the Romans ever done for us? icon
What have the Romans ever done for us?
As Rome, own and have at least 70 Civilization Value in every city within the Palestine region