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Local powerRhodes
Primary culture
Aegean (Hellenistic)

Capital province

Plutocratic Republic

State religion
Military traditions
Flag of Rhodes Rhodian heritage

Navy maintenance cost.png −10% Navy Maintenance Cost
Fort defense.png +10% Fort defense
Fort maintenance cost.png +10% Fort Maintenance

Flag of Rhodes Rhodes is a local power located in the Asia Region, directly controlling 4 territories with a total population of 57. Led by Archon (ruler) Demaratus Demaratid (Military power.png 7 Civic power.png 4 Oratory power.png 4 Religious power.png 5), Rhodes starts off bordering 3 different nations. Flag of Phrygia Phrygia to the north and east, Flag of Halikarnassos Halikarnassos to the west, and Flag of Knidos Knidos to the southwest, who is a feudatory of Phrygia. Rhodes does not start off with any diplomatic partners, however such nations as Flag of Macedon Macedon, Flag of Egypt Egypt, Flag of Thrace Thrace, and possibly Phrygia would be open to alliances.

Historically, Rhodes came under the control of Alexander the Great in 332 BCE after he defeated the Persians. Following the death of Alexander, Antigonous directed his son, Demetrius to besiege Rhodes in 305 BCE, one year before the start date of Imperator. The unsuccessful siege only lasted a year before Demetrius signed a peace treaty with Rhodes. Following this, Rhodes created a statue of the sun god Helios, which was since called the Colossus of Rhodes and became a wonder of the ancient world.

Population and Culture Type

Rhodes starts with a Population.png population of 57 across Local.png 4 territories. The population breakdown is listed below:

  • 20CitizensCitizens
  • 16FreemenFreemen
  • 2 TribesmenTribesmen
  • 19SlavesSlaves

The Culture type breakdown is listed below:

  • 26 Hellenic Aegean
  • 11 Hellenic Cretan
  • 9 Cybelene Lycian
  • 6 Hellenic Ionian
  • 4 Jewish Hebrew
  • 1 Hellenic Athenian


Rhodes starts off with an army of 3 cohorts consisting of 3Unit archers.png and a navy of 5 ships consisting of 2Unit liburnian.png, 2Unit trireme.png, and 1Unit tetrere.png. Rhodes has the option to only recruit light infantry, archers and supply trains to their army without importing strategic resources. Once Rhodes embraces the Proud Shipwrights and Mine's Bigger Than Yours Greek Military Tradition, then all types of ships can be recruited to the navy.

The Rhodian Heritage allows Rhodes to play defensively, with +10%Fort defenseFort Defense. The +10% Fort Maintenance can be offset by the national ideas, which add an extra trade route and give +10% National Commerce Income. The last aspect of the Rhodian Heritage grants a 10% decrease in navy maintenance.