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Aegis of Africa

The Aegis of Africa

This mission focuses on conquest.subjugation of Western North Africa Beginning the mission gives the national modifier 'Aegis of Africa' until End of Game giving Integration Speed +0.20, and Subject Opinion of Us +20.00, although the modifier will be removed if 'The Aegis of Africa' mission is aborted or completed

Tier 1

The Massaesylian Menace

Integrate the Musulamii

The Mutiny of the Berbers

Conditions: Massylia is a subject of Carthage, takes 365 to complete
Rewards: Completing this task will result in a war between Massylia and Carthage; Carthage gains national modifier Massylians Tamed for 20 years (Primary culture Happiness +10.00^; Ruler gains 15 Popularity

A Tale of Four Cities

Tier 2

Securing the Coast of AFrica

The Wicked Sisters

The Massylian Hinterlands

Emporium of Tripoli

Tier 3

Libyan Empire

An End to Sicillian Warfare

This mission focuses on annexing the island of Sicily

An End to Sicilian Warfare

The Akragas missions are mutually exclusive (Akragas Subjugated and In Defense of Akragas)

Tier 1

In Defense of Akragas

Conditions: Acragas (the tag) is not independent, Akragas (the province) is owned by tag other than Acragas
Rewards: Carthage gains a claim on Akragas

The Phoencian Settlements

Conditions: Lilibaya (localised to Lilybaeum when Roman), Ziz, and Qapara are cities
Rewards: Lilibaya, Ziz, and Qapara gain the modifier Punic City for 10 years, giving the following effects; Migration Attraction: +2.00; Pop Conversion Speed +20.00%; Pop Assimilation Speed +20.00%

Akragas Subjugated

Conditions: Akragas is owned by Carthage or one of their subjects
Rewards: Akragas gets Acragas Pacified settlement modifier for 10 years, giving the efffects: Local unrest: -1.00; Pop assimilation speed +1.00; 3 times set the culture of 1 Siceliote Freeman in Arkagas to Punic

Eastern Nemesis

Mission takes 365 days to complete Carthage gains claims on all territories held by Syracuse in the regions of Syracuse and Siculia
Syracuse may beseech nearby powers for aid, alliances or guarantees, normally the former with Rome

Tier 2

Akragas Liberated

Conditions: Acragas owns Akragas; one of the following must be true: Carthage is allied with Acragas, Acragas is guaranteed by Carthage
Rewards: Acragas becomes a Tributary of Carthage

Punic Sicania

Conditions: :Lilibaya, Ziz, and Qapara each have a population of 20 or higher
Rewards: 3 Canaanite Punic Freemen appear in each of the 3 cities

Punic Syracuse

Conditions: Syracuse (Province#) [localised to Beerot once conquered by Carthage] is owned by Carthage or one of their subjects
Rewards: Beerot for 20 years gets settlement modifier Punic Occupation: Migration Attraction +2.00; Pop Conversion Speed +1.50; Pop Assimilation Speed +1.50

Tier 3

Siculian Domination

Conditions: Area of Siculia owned only by either Carthage or subjects
Rewards: Province of Siculia gains modifier Siculian Domination; Local Provincial Loyalty +0.10 for 10 years

Local Governor

Conditions: Carthage owns Beerot; Governor of the province of Syracuse is of Hellenic Religion or Siceliote Culture
Rewards: Governor of the province of Syracuse gains 15 loyalty for 360 months (10 years). All territories in Sicily with a dominant Siceliote culture will gain the modifier Local Governor of Sicily for 10 years giving the following effects: Local Citizen Happiness: +5.00%; Local Freeman Happiness: +5.00%

Tier 4

End of an Era

Conditions: Above mission
Rewards: Event 'Victory in Sicily' fires, with the option to release a Feudatory named Epikrateia, with all territories in Sicania, Syracuse, and Siculia being annexed, as well as 10 popularity to the ruler; or automatic annexation of all subjects in Sicania, Syracuse, and Sicania; giving province modifier Local Unrest +1.00 to each province for 10 years.

Wine and Grain

Conditions: Hold 5 or more territories in Sicily (Syracuse, Siculia, &)
Rewards: Any territory producing either Wine or Grain in Sicily will gain modifier Punic Agriculture until End of Game (Slaves needed for Local Surplus -2.00)

Syracusan Warships

Conditions: Tier 3 Local Governor must be completed; 365 days to process once clicked
Rewards: Carthage gains a size 20 Navy in Beerot, can spawn as 5/5/5/5/3/1 navy so 24 ships in opposition to the mission text

The Iberian Struggle

Aftermath of the Revolution

Trade Investments

Naval Supremacy

Entering Magna Graecia

End the Roman Wolf

Liberating Phoenicia

Iberian Investments