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==Aegis of Africa==
[[File:The Aegis of Africa.jpg|thumb|The Aegis of Africa]]
This mission focuses on conquest.subjugation of Western North Africa
Beginning the mission gives the national modifier 'Aegis of Africa' until End of Game giving Integration Speed +0.20, and Subject Opinion of Us +20.00, although the modifier will be removed if 'The Aegis of Africa' mission is aborted or completed
=== Tier 1 ===
==== The Massaesylian Menace ====
==== Integrate the Musulamii ====
==== The Mutiny of the Berbers ====
Conditions: Massylia is a subject of Carthage, takes 365 to complete
Rewards: Completing this task will result in a war between Massylia and Carthage; Carthage gains national modifier Massylians Tamed for 20 years (Primary culture Happiness +10.00^; Ruler gains 15 Popularity
Events will also fire whilst the mission is being processed, such as "Massylian Insurrection"
==== A Tale of Four Cities ====
=== Tier 2 ===
==== Securing the Coast of AFrica ====
==== The Wicked Sisters ====
==== The Massylian Hinterlands ====
==== Emporium of Tripoli ====
=== Tier 3 ===
==== Libyan Empire ====
==An End to Sicillian Warfare==
This mission focuses on annexing the island of Sicily
[[File:An end to sicilian warfare.jpg|thumb|An End to Sicilian Warfare]]
The Akragas missions are mutually exclusive (Akragas Subjugated and In Defense of Akragas)
=== Tier 1 ===
===== In Defense of Akragas =====
Conditions: Acragas (the tag) is not independent, Akragas (the province) is owned by tag other than Acragas<br>
Rewards: Carthage gains a claim on Akragas
===== The Phoencian Settlements =====
Conditions: Lilibaya (localised to Lilybaeum when Roman), Ziz, and Qapara are cities
Rewards: Lilibaya, Ziz, and Qapara gain the modifier Punic City for 10 years, giving the following effects; Migration Attraction: +2.00; Pop Conversion Speed +20.00%; Pop Assimilation Speed +20.00%
===== Akragas Subjugated =====
Conditions: Akragas is owned by Carthage or one of their subjects<br>
Rewards: Akragas gets Acragas Pacified settlement modifier for 10 years, giving the efffects: Local unrest: -1.00; Pop assimilation speed +1.00; 3 times set the culture of 1 Siceliote Freeman in Arkagas to Punic
===== Eastern Nemesis =====
Mission takes 365 days to complete
Carthage gains claims on all territories held by Syracuse in the regions of Syracuse and Siculia<br>
Syracuse may beseech nearby powers for aid, alliances or guarantees, normally the former with Rome
=== Tier 2 ===
===== Akragas Liberated =====
Conditions: Acragas owns Akragas; one of the following must be true: Carthage is allied with Acragas, Acragas is guaranteed by Carthage
Rewards: Acragas becomes a Tributary of Carthage
===== Punic Sicania =====
Conditions: :Lilibaya, Ziz, and Qapara each have a population of 20 or higher
Rewards: 3 Canaanite Punic Freemen appear in each of the 3 cities
===== Punic Syracuse =====
Conditions: Syracuse (Province#) [localised to Beerot once conquered by Carthage] is owned by Carthage or one of their subjects
Rewards: Beerot for 20 years gets settlement modifier Punic Occupation: Migration Attraction +2.00; Pop Conversion Speed +1.50; Pop Assimilation Speed +1.50
=== Tier 3 ===
===== Siculian Domination =====
Conditions: Area of Siculia owned only by either Carthage or subjects
Rewards: Province of Siculia gains modifier Siculian Domination; Local Provincial Loyalty +0.10 for 10 years
===== Local Governor =====
Conditions: Carthage owns Beerot; Governor of the province of Syracuse is of Hellenic Religion or Siceliote Culture
Rewards: Governor of the province of Syracuse gains 15 loyalty for 360 months (10 years). All territories in Sicily with a dominant Siceliote culture will gain the modifier Local Governor of Sicily for 10 years giving the following effects: Local Citizen Happiness: +5.00%; Local Freeman Happiness: +5.00%
=== Tier 4 ===
===== End of an Era =====
Conditions: Above mission
Rewards: Event 'Victory in Sicily' fires, with the option to release a Feudatory named Epikrateia, with all territories in Sicania, Syracuse, and Siculia being annexed, as well as 10 popularity to the ruler; or automatic annexation of all subjects in Sicania, Syracuse, and Sicania; giving province modifier Local Unrest +1.00 to each province for 10 years.
===== Wine and Grain =====
Conditions: Hold 5 or more territories in Sicily (Syracuse, Siculia, &)
Rewards: Any territory producing either Wine or Grain in Sicily will gain modifier Punic Agriculture until End of Game (Slaves needed for Local Surplus -2.00)
===== Syracusan Warships =====
Conditions: Tier 3 Local Governor must be completed; 365 days to process once clicked
Rewards: Carthage gains a size 20 Navy in Beerot, can spawn as 5/5/5/5/3/1 navy so 24 ships in opposition to the mission text
==The Iberian Struggle==
==Aftermath of the Revolution==
==Trade Investments==
==Naval Supremacy==
==Entering Magna Graecia==
==End the Roman Wolf==
==Liberating Phoenicia==
==Iberian Investments==
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