North African traditions

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The North African traditions concentrate on the strengths of the Phoenician merchant state of Flag of Carthage Carthage and the surrounding nations. The Carthaginians had a strong naval tradition built on centuries of Mediterranean trade, and made use of heavy infantry and African war elephants supported by light infantry and cavalry to smash through enemy formations.

Availability and focus


The North African traditions are available for countries with Punic culture or the following culture groups:

  • Numidian

The traditions focus on strengthening the following unit types, and possibly unlock some new abilities:

  • Cost −15% Ship building cost
  • Unit focus:
    • Strong Unit trireme.png Trireme
    • Good Unit light infantry.png Light infantry
    • Good Unit war elephants.png War elephants
  • Possible ability unlocks:
    • Cavalry skirmish Cavalry Skirmish


Starting bonus
Seafaring People icon
Seafaring People

  • Cost −15% Ship building cost
Civilization in North Africa has long been tied to the coastal regions. The harsh Sahara desert precludes large-scale habitation, and so, our people have long used the fickle ocean as a medium of transportation.
Tribal path
North african tribal path 1.png
  • Born in the Saddle
  • Offense +10% Light cavalry offense
North african tribal path 2.png
  • Man and Horse
  • Combat bonus +15% Camel plains combat bonus
  • Combat bonus +15% Heavy cavalry plains combat bonus
  • Combat bonus +15% Light cavalry plains combat bonus
North african tribal path 3.png
  • Sure-footed, as Wild Horses
  • Cost -15% Light cavalry cost
North african tribal path 4.png
  • Wild Charge
  • Cavalry skirmish Enables the "Cavalry Skirmish" tactic
North african tribal path 5.png
  • Local Knowledge
  • Attrition.png -15% Army attrition
North african tribal path 6.png
  • Call to Arms
  • Manpower.png +10% National manpower
North african tribal path 7.png
  • Ululating Cry
  • Discipline.png +10% Light cavalry discipline
North african tribal path end bonus.png
  • Bonus: To Each, Their Own
  • Local output +10% National tribesman output
  • Pop happy.png +10% National tribesman happiness
Naval path
North african naval path 1.png
  • Phoenician Heritage
  • +10% Ship damage done
North african naval path 2.png
  • Iberian Draft
  • Defense +10% Light infantry defense
North african naval path 3.png
  • Naval Dominance
  • -20% Ship damage taken
North african naval path 4.png
  • A Life at Sea
  • +0.05 Monthly ship repair at sea
North african naval path 5.png
  • Noble Warlords
  • Loyalty.png +5 General loyalty
  • Loyalty.png +5 Admiral loyalty
North african naval path 6.png
  • Imposing Edifices
  • Fort defense +15% Fort defense
North african naval path 7.png
  • Putting our People to Work
  • Maintenance.png -10% Navy maintenance cost
North african naval path end bonus.png
  • Bonus: Maneuverability Above All
  • Offense +10% Liburnian offense
  • Offense +10% Trireme offense
Army path
North african army path 1.png
  • Skilled Recruiters
  • Mercenary maintenance.png -10% Mercenary army maintenance
  • Cost -25% Recruit mercenary cost
North african army path 2.png
  • Professional Marines
  • Morale.png +10% Morale of navies
North african army path 3.png
  • The Sacred Band
  • Offense +10% Heavy infantry offense
North african army path 4.png
  • Uneasy Relations
  • Tribute income.png +10% Tribute income
  • Loyalty.png +10 Loyalty of subject states
North african army path 5.png
  • The African Elephant
  • Maintenance.png -15% War elephant maintenance cost
North african army path 6.png
  • Numidian Cavalry
  • Cost -15% Heavy cavalry cost
North african army path 7.png
  • Devastating Charge
  • Offense +10% War elephant offense
North african army path end bonus.png
  • Bonus: A Hard Bargain
  • Mercenary maintenance.png -15% Mercenary army maintenance


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