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The government tab containing the national ideas sub-section.

Much like in its predecessor, Europa Universalis: Rome, the player can tailor their country to achieve particular goals by picking national ideas.


There are 36 national ideas the player can choose from. Each idea has its own bonus and belongs to one of four categories corresponding to the All power costs.png power types in the game. Some ideas are available from the start, while others are unlocked by advances during the course of the game. Selecting a new national idea costs Oratory power.png 50 Oratory power.

The number of active national ideas depends on the country's government type. As a rule, tribal governments can have two national ideas, while the more advanced government forms, like republics and monarchies, can have three (though there are exceptions to this rule).

Government bonus

Each government in the game comes with a base bonus specific to that government. There is also a secondary bonus for each government, that is unlocked if the picked ideas correspond what is expected by that government form.

For example, in the screenshot Carthage is an Oligarchic Republic. This means that they can pick two civic ideas and one oratory idea, to receive their additional bonus.

For Rome, which starts as an Aristocratic Republic, this means it needs two military ideas and one civic idea to get the additional bonus.

The Government bonus of each type of government can be found in the Government Types page.



Military power.png Idea Effects Requirements Description
Idea martial ethos.png Martial Ethos Morale of Armies: +10% Ensuring that our soldiers and veterans hold a prestigious place in the social hierarchy, is key to their contentment and loyalty.
Idea thalassocracy.png Thalassocracy Morale of Navies: +20% Martial advances 06 The sea affects the very rise of and fall of empires. Dominance in this theater is vital to our interests.
Idea elite soldiers.png Elite Soldiery Discipline: +5% Martial advances 12 Over-reliance on a reactionary militia leaves a nation at great risk of invasion, coup or collapse. A well trained standing army, is sure to protect against these threats.
Idea permanent shipyards.png Permanent Shipyards Trireme Cost: −25% Establishment of permanent shipyards capable of constructing vessels of war, will ensure that skilled shipwrights are always at our beck and call.
Idea conscription.png Conscription National Manpower: +10% Martial advances 06 Mandated military service for all those considered mature, is not only a duty - it is a privilege.
Idea military society.png Militarized Society
  • Army Maintenance: −20%
  • Navy Maintenance: −20%
Martial advances 12 A society which honors its warriors, is one in which the young will grow up proud and eager to serve.
Idea retreat.png Ordered Retreat
  • Reinforcement Speed: +10%
  • Army Morale Recovery: +10%
Retreat can be far from dishonorable. Ensuring that all our warriors have a plan of action in the event of having to fall back, will result in a much quicker recovery when they do.
Idea siege training.png Siege Training Siege Ability: +10% Martial advances 06 From oppida to forts, to walled cities, the world is full of fortified settlements. Adequately training our warriors to penetrate enemy walls will doubtlessly pay dividends.
Idea triumph.png Support of the People Experience Decay: −15% Martial advances 12 Convincing our citizens of our national prowess is just as important as a victory itself.


Civic power.png Idea Effects Requirements Description
Idea standard construction.png Standardized Construction
  • Build Cost: −30%
  • Build Time: −30%
As our nation begins to require more and more civic buildings, it has become apparent that a standardized method of planning and construction would greatly reduce the cost and time invested.
Idea city plan.png City Planning Build Slots: +1.00 Civic advances 06 Fitting buildings within a walled city becomes much more of an issue as population sizes grow. Adopting a grid-based approach to city planning will allow us to better account for available building space.
Idea forums.png Central Urban Spaces Province Loyalty: +0.03 Civic advances 12 Enlargement and renovation of the central forum within our capital will provide for additional civic building opportunities. It is of paramount importance that our subjects are proud of their capital.
Idea complex tariffs.png Complex Tariffs Commerce Income: +20% Whilst a simple tax on goods passing through our territory may be popular; a complex system will allow us to maximize revenue.
Idea trading posts.png Patronized Trading Posts Capital Import Routes: +3.00 Civic advances 06 Keeping a firm financial interest in the various trading outposts within our nation will allow us to exercise greater control over the flow of certain goods we deem valuable.
Idea tariff exceptions.png Institute Tariff Exceptions Province Import Routes: +1.00 Civic advances 12 Giving our cities greater leniency in tariff control will enable them to attract better investments.
Idea tax farming.png Tax Farming Global Slave Output: +20% By shifting responsibility for tax collection to third parties, we can make far greater budget calculations, as well as avoid certain unfortunate responsibilities.
Idea land appropriation.png Land Appropriation Reform National Citizen Output: +15% Civic advances 06 Private ownership of land is a necessity. However, it is clear that where the state requires the use of certain territories, it must have the power to relocate those inhabiting them.
Idea grain admin.png Grain Stockpile Population growth: +0.10% Civic advances 12 Nobody can predict a bad harvest. We could, however, prepare for it. By always saving a surplus of grain, we would avoid starvation during particularly unfortunate seasons.


Oratory power.png Idea Effects Requirements Description
Idea bribery.png Sanctioned Privileges Monthly corruption: −0.10 By agreeing to look the other way from time to time, we can lessen our reliance on using currency as a tool for bribery.
Idea smear.png Strategic Propaganda Wrong Culture Happiness: +10% Oratory advances 06 By coordinating lines of communication with key members of the political, religious and civic spheres, we have the perfect tool to manipulate popular opinion.
Idea legislative reform.png Legislative Reform Wrong Culture Group Happiness: +15% Oratory advances 12 The institution of a standardized code of practice, while not necessarily changing the way our government operates, will surely calm the dissenters in our nation.
Idea mil admin.png Military Administration
  • Monthly General Loyalty: +0.05
  • Monthly Admiral Loyalty: +0.05
By merging a clear, ordered bureaucratic framework into our military hierarchy, it becomes far easier to coordinate large military reforms.
Idea patron scholars.png Patronized Scholars Research Points: +20% Oratory advances 06 Embracing a reputation as a nation where scholars are to be lauded as well as patronized, is sure to yield rewards in the future.
Idea functional admin.png Functional Bureaucracy Monthly Governor Loyalty: +0.05 Oratory advances 12 We cannot expect our citizens to simply become aware of changes in the way we run our nation - instituting a framework of bureaucrats, representatives and messengers is vital to spread word of our decisions.
Idea hospitality.png Hospitium Improve Opinion Maximum: +33% The duty of the host should be extended to all those who visit our nation. Especially those whom we wish to persuade...
Idea casus belli.png Casus Belli Aggressive Expansion Change: −0.05 Oratory advances 06 Whatever our true intent, foreign tolerance for our wars is always greater if we have a legitimate reason for conquest. Being seen as protectors of liberty is often reason enough.
Idea ambassadors.png Permanent Ambassadors Diplomatic Relations: +2.00 Oratory advances 12 In certain diplomatic circumstances, it may benefit us to have a member of government installed as a permanent representative in the courts of our peers.


Religious power.png Idea Effects Requirements Description
Idea state religion.png State Religion
  • Country Civilisation Level: +10%
  • Monthly Civilisation Change: +0.02%
Incorporating our faith as a state entity will have significant political advantages.
Idea calendar.png Religious Calendar Monthly War Exhaustion: -0.05 Religious advances 06 Feast days, festivals and holidays can be used to reinforce the importance of certain annual events. Setting these dates strategically, will have a positive effect on our nation.
Idea mandate observe.png Mandated Observance Omen Power: +20% Religious advances 12 Making religious observance a compulsory activity, will instill a healthy respect for the divine in our populace, from a young age.
Idea haruspex.png Haruspicy Loyalty of Subject States: +10.00 Reading the signs in the entrails of animals has a long history. With a willing haruspex, we could hold festival days at opportune moments, and further manipulate popular opinion at will.
Idea tolerance.png Tolerance of Pagans Primary Culture Happiness: +15% Religious advances 06 The number of pagan, hybrid, or purely foreign religions making their way into our territory is vast. Allowing individuals the right to privately practice their own religion is sure to result in a more tolerant society.
Idea proselytism.png Institutional Proselytism Maximum War Exhaustion: -5.00 Religious advances 12 By amending our religious canon to mandate active proselytism, we should find that much of the work in converting pagans is done for us.
Idea origin myth.png Origin Myth Ruler Popularity Gain: +0.33 It would give our leadership much greater authority, if we were to suddenly discover that the origins of our nation can be traced back to the heroes of old...
Idea divine mandate.png Divine Mandate Monthly Tyranny: −0.04 Religious advances 06 Convincing our religious leaders to make a proclamation in support of our nation's divine mandate, will allow us to get away with making some of the more... controversial decisions, more easily.
Idea loyalty.png Loyalty to the State Monthly Loyalty: +0.05 Religious advances 12 Loyalty to our leader should imply loyalty to the state. Loyalty to the state, by extension, implies loyalty to the Divine.

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