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Modding allows new features to be added into the game.


Game dataEdit

  • Effects - Used in order to dynamically affect the game.
  • Triggers - Used in order to execute commands/events/decisions/etc. only when certain things are true.
  • Scopes - Used to specify the target of the effects and triggers.
  • Modifier list - Script modifiers that affect aspects of the game.
  • Defines - Global values used by the game in almost every aspect.
  • Country list - Basic info on all countries in the vanilla game, including country tags.
  • Console commands - Guide on how to use the games console commands.


Tools & utilitiesEdit

  • Clausewitz Maya Exporter - A tool allowing for easier creation of 3D models (units) to use in mods for newer Clausewitz games.
  • VS Code - Powerful, hackable, free open source editor from Microsoft.
  • CWTools - An extension for VS Code that provides validation, completion, syntax highlighting and more for Paradox script files.
  • Notepad++ Syntax Highlighter