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Information is based on the dev diary surrounding the mission tree.
Information is based on the dev diary surrounding the mission tree.

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Information is based on the dev diary surrounding the mission tree.

There are so far two main archetypes that any nation can pick; one focusing on conquest, and the other on infrastructure and internal development.

Conquest Mission:

The conquest mission will select a region based on some different factors (accessibility, do you own parts of the region and so on.) Normally you will have 2-3 regions of which the conquest mission picks randomly at the start of the game. This can have some minor random offshoots, like building a city, importing some tradegoods and so on.

After choosing the mission tree. You must activate the mission by clicking it, this will start a 365 days countdown and you will gain two event popups to decide if the expansion is to go aggressive or peacefully. This will give a +50 or -50 relation to a random minor in the region the mission is about. After both events are picked you gain either a -4 Diplo + 5% less warscore cost for taking land. or a +4 diplo and 5% more warscore cost for taking land. After the 365 days are over you gain claims on three provinces in the mission region.

The rewards vary somewhat but is mainly the following:

Claims on a province bordering the just conquered one.

2-3 pops of your culture added to a city/settlement.

A sizeable part of the population of a province converted to your culture.

A free province upgrade.

And so on.

Some branches will be chosen randomly, and others on a situational level. For example, a nation bordering uncolonized land may receive a task to colonize it, or a republic or monarchy bordering a tribe may receive a mission task to fortify the border. - Quote from dev diary

Development Mission:​

These missions pick at random a whole province you own and give you a set of missions to fullfill. These vary slightly but is essentially that you need to build a certain type of structures in settlements and certain types in cities.

Rewards again vary somewhat is mainly the following:

2-3 pops of your culture added to a city/settlement.

10% freeman happiness for 3650 days.

+800 max food to a province.

Increased loyalty in province

and so on.

Next is all quotes from the Dev diary:

These mission will repeat (up to once per region under your control) its content will vary in part or in total, but the overall structure will remain similar.

Starting branches are dependent on the resources of the provinces you control in the region. They may relate to: Building up an agricultural focused province. Facilitating maritime trade and naval matters in a province with many ports. Turning a particularly populous territory into a city, and building up its infrastructure a bit. Building up a Mining Region.

Sometimes there is more than one way to progress through these branches, the agriculture focused path for instance let’s you decide what to use the newfound surplus for (spend it to increase pop happiness or build up a local Food Depot for your armies to stock up from in the province).

Optional Side Branches:

In addition to there being more than one way to progress through branches there are also optional side branches to the development mission. Things that may or may not be available (depending on what the provinces are like) and that you can go for if you want to spend the resources to get extra things: Prospecting for more minable trade goods. Building up a shipbuilding industry in a naval town. Importing horses to set up a Military breeding program.

Main Branch, the center of the Governorship:​

The main branch of the Infrastructure Mission is devoted to the growth and development of the Regional center. What this means will again differ depending on the circumstances, if it is a foreign culture region then the mission will focus on building up a center of loyal pops of your own culture and religion, for instance. If the region is that of your capital it will instead focus on the embellishment of the capital city itself, and acquiring resources to create suitable monumental architecture there for an Empire such as yours.

The theme of the main branch will also decide what the mission itself is named. Making it clear from the mission selection screen what type of mission you can expect and what the branches in it might be.

There is also an optional side branch to the main branch which will only show up if the region contains a particularly holy place to your religion, such as the Oracle of Delphi for the Hellenistic faith, or the Anu Temple of Uruk for a Chaldean country. This branch will let you embellish the shrine itself and eventually decide on a way to fund the priesthood there in the future, with options ranging from setting up enough religious endowments, to setting up a religious subject state under a scion of one of your great families.

Overall the various tasks in the Development Mission makes use of a number of tasks, with some focusing on very concrete actions such as constructing buildings or making provincial investments, while others are timed tasks that require an initial investment and will then let you react to events over time that pertain to how you want to solve particular problems.