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Military traditions are a mechanic that unlocks unique abilities, new units and special bonuses to units. Each tradition has one bonus at the start, followed by three paths that can be taken. After the seventh tradition in the chosen path is reached, another special benefit is unlocked. One military tradition costs 800 military power, and each tradition taken increases the cost by 50%, and each military technology level reduces it by 25%.

Military Tradition types

There are seven different military traditions in the world, tied to culture groups:

Barbarian traditions

Main article: Barbarian traditions

The Barbarian traditions encompass the fighting styles of the peoples of Hispania, Gaul, Britannia, and Germania, among others. They mostly relied on large formations of lightly armored infantry equipped with spears or swords, supported by nimble chariot formations or light cavalry, and made extensive use of ambush tactics, especially in forests.

Italic Traditions

Available to all countries in the Latin culture-group. They start with the ‘Walled City’ tradition, which gives +15% to Defensiveness, effectively making sieges against your fortified cities take 15% longer.

Tribal path

Tradition Bonuses
Artisanal Bronzework +15% Light Infantry Defence
The Equestrian Order +15% Light Cavalry Offensive
Deus Vult +15% Omen Power
The Acquisition of Wealth Enables ‘Raid City’
The Aulos +15% Light Infantry Morale
Mare Nostrum -25% Trireme Maintenance Cost
Rousing Oratory +15% Manpower

End bonus for this path is ‘Hill Dwellers’, which gives to +15% Combat Ability to Light Infantry when fighting in Hill Terrain.

Support path

Tradition Bonuses
State Navy +15% Trireme Morale
The Fabri 25% Cheaper Military Buildings
Scale the Walls +15% Siege Ability
Castra Enables ‘Border Forts’
Logistics of State 25% Cheaper Light Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Archers
Scutum +15% Heavy Infantry Defence
Foederati +15% Light Cavalry Discipline

End bonus for this path is ‘Rome, Ascendant’, which makes Holding a Triumph 50% cheaper.

Roman path

Tradition Bonuses
Principes +15% Heavy Infantry Discipline
March of the Eagles +10% Morale Of Armies
Triarii +15% Heavy Infantry Offence
Roman Roads Allows ‘Military Roadbuilding’
Professional Soldiers -0.05 Monthly Warexhaustion
Velites +15% Light Infantry Offence
The Honor of Service +15% Manpower Recovery

End bonus for this path is ‘Triplex Acies’, which enables a Combat Tactic similar to the Greek Phalanx for your armies.

North African Traditions

Available to the North African & Numidian culture groups, and the Carthaginian culture. They start with the ‘Seafaring People’ tradition which gives 25% cheaper Triremes.

Tribal Path

Tradition Bonuses
Born in the Saddle +15% Light Cavalry Discipline
Man and Horse +15% Combat Bonus on Plains for Cavalry
Sure-footed, as Wild Horses 25% Cheaper Light Cavalry
Wild Charge Enables Cavalry Skirmish Combat Tactic
Local Knowledge 25% less attrition
Call to Arms +15% Manpower
Ululating Cry +15% Light Cavalry Offensive

End bonus for this path is ‘To Each, Their Own’, which gives +10% output from tribesmen.

Naval path

Tradition Bonuses
Phoenician Heritage +15% Offensive for Triremes
Iberian Draft +15% Defensive for Light Infantry
Naval Dominance +15% Defensive for Triremes
A Life at Seat Allows Repair at Sea ability
Noble Warlords +2.5% Loyalty for Generals
Imposing Edifices +15% Defensiveness
Putting our People to Work -25% Trireme Maintenance

End bonus for this path is ‘Maneuverability Above All’, which gives +15% Discipline for Triremes.

Army path

Tradition Bonuses
Skilled Recruiters 15% cheaper mercenary maintenance
Professional Marines +15% Trireme Morale
The Sacred Band +15% Heavy Infantry Discipline
Uneasy Relations More Manpower from Subjects
The African Elephant +15% War Elephant Discipline
Numidian Cavalry 25% Cheaper Heavy Cavalry
Devastating Charge +15% War Elephant Morale

End bonus for this path is ‘A Hard Bargain’, which gives 25% cheaper mercenaries to recruit.

Greek Traditions

Greek Military traditions will be used by all countries with a Greek culture as their state culture, including all Diadochi kingdoms. They start with the ‘Modernized Phalanx’ tradition, which enables the Phalanx Combat Tactic.

Seleucid Path

Tradition Bonuses
Agema Light Cavalry Discipline +10%
Arms For Hire Morale of Armies +5%

Mercenary Recruit Cost Modifier -15%

Phoenician Sailors Ship Offense +10%
Companion Cavalry Enables Cavalry Skirmish Tactic
Kataphraktoi Heavy Cavalry Discipline +10%
Thyreophoroi Light Infantry Morale +10%
The Hipparchos Heavy and Light Cavalry Morale +10%

End bonus for this path is ‘Deep Coffers’, which gives -15% Mercenary Maintenance.

Greek path

Tradition Bonuses
The Sarissa Heavy Infantry Morale +10%
The Tarentine Advance Light Cavalry Defense +15%
Siege Craft Siege Ability +10%
Military Colonies Allows Military Colonies
Mine's Bigger Than Yours Ship Defensive +15%
City State Fortifications Fort Defence +15%
Centuries of War Heavy Infantry Maintenance Cost -10%

End bonus for this path is ‘The Silver Shields’, which gives Heavy Infantry Discipline +10%.

Antigonid path

Tradition Bonuses
Veterans of the Great Campaign Unit Starting Experience +10%

Experience Decay -15%

Proud Shipwrights Ship Construction Cost -15%
The Nobility Ride Light Cavalry Offense +15%
The Victor's Spoils Allows Raid Ports

Enslavement Efficiency +20%

Peltasts Light Infantry Offense +15%
Specialist Infantry Archer Discipline +10%
Mastery of the Mountains Archers, Heavy and Light Infantry

Mountain Combat Bonus +15%

The end bonus for this path is ‘Combined Arms’, which gives Light Infantry Discipline +10%.

Arabic & Levantine Traditions

Used by countries in the Levant, Egypt and Arabia. They start with the 'Pathfinders' tradition which gives -15% Land Attrition.

Arabian Path

Tradition Bonuses
Desert Sands Hostile Attrition +0.50
Merchant Coast Trireme Cost -50%
Beasts of Burden Camel Offence +15%
Ships of the Desert Camel, Light Cavalry and Heavy Cavalry Desert Combat Bonus +15%
Sturdy Design Trireme Defensive +15%
Legacy of the Builders Training Camp Cost -25%
Oasis Trade Camel, Heavy Cavalry and Light Cavalry Cost -25%

End bonus for this path is ‘Trained Camelry’, which gives Camel Discipline +15%.

Egyptian path

Tradition Bonuses
The Spear of the Kingdom Light Infantry Defence +15%
Arms Race Trireme Discipline +15%
Stonemovers Fort Defence +15%
Colonial Integration Allows Military Colonies
The Blood of Egypt Trireme Morale +15%
Thick Hide Camel Defence +15%
Cradle of Civilization National Manpower +15%

End bonus for this path is ‘Rank Upon Rank’, which gives Light Infantry Discipline +15%.

Graeco-Levantine path

Tradition Bonuses
Surfeit of War Heavy Infantry Cost -25%
Thorakitai Light Infantry Offence +15%
Machimoi Epilektoi Heavy Infantry Offense +15%
Greek Warfare Allows Phalanx Combat Tactic
Good Reputation Mercenary Maintenance -15%
Ramming Speed Trireme Offense +15%
Unending Riches Monthly General Loyalty +0.02

The end bonus for this path is ‘Learning from the Best’, which gives Heavy Infantry Discipline +15%.

Persian Traditions

Used by any country in the Persian, Bactrian, Scythian and Aramaic culture groups, but is not used by any of the major empires at start. They start with ‘Scythian Horse Archers’ which provides Horse Archer Cost -15%.

Parthian Path

Tradition Bonuses
Parthian Shot Horse Archer Offensive +15%
Nomadic Lifestyle Cohort Recruit Speed +25%
Hit and Run Horse Archer Morale +10%
Cavalry Skirmish Allows Cavalry Skirmish Combat Tactic
Cataphracts Heavy Cavalry Cost -25%
Steppe Mastery Land Attrition -15%
Footsloggers Light Infantry Defense +15%

End bonus for this path is ‘Born to Ride’, which gives All Cavalry Discipline +10%.

Resurgent Achaemenid path

Tradition Bonuses
Legacy of Cyrus National Manpower +15%
The Immortals Heavy Infantry Defensive +15%
Reform the Navy Ship Morale +10%
Reactive Recruitment Allows Raising Levies
Royal Line Land Morale Recover +3%
To Blot Out The Sun Archer Offensive +15%
Kardakes Heavy Infantry Cost -15%

End bonus for this path is ‘Massed Assault’, which gives Siege Ability +10%.

Bactrian path

Tradition Bonuses
Bactrian Horsemen Light Cavalry Discipline +10%
Graeco Bactrian Architecture Fort Defense +15%
Perfect Storm Heavy Infantry Offense +15%
Kleruchoi Allows Military Colonies
Titans of Battle War Elephant Discipline +10%
Hippotoxotoi Horse Archer Defense +15%
Heartland Land Unit Attrition -15%

End bonus for this path is ‘Disillusioned Masses’, which gives Mercenary Maintenance Cost -15%.

Indian Traditions

Used by countries in India and southern Tibet. They start with ‘Rathas’ which allows the recruitment of chariots.

Maurya Path

Tradition Bonuses
Versatile Infantry Archers Offense +15%
Descendants of Airavata War Elephant Defense +15%
Warhost of the Empire Light Infantry Morale +10%
Natural Pathfinder War Elephant Jungle & Forest Combat Ability +15%
Dedicated Archers Archers Discipline +10%
Homeland of our Fathers Heavy Infantry Forest & Jungle +15%, Light Infantry Forest & Jungle +15%
Integrating the Tribes National Tribesman Happiness +20%

End bonus for this path is ‘The Bureaucracy of War’, which gives Monthly War Exhaustion -0.02.

Costal path

Tradition Bonuses
Natural Harbors Galley Cost -15%
The Vyuha System Archers Morale +10%
Masters of the Sea Trireme Morale +10%
Plunder! Allows Raid Ports Ability, +20% Enslavement Efficiency
Flexible Divisions Morale of Armies +10%
City of the World's Desire Fort Defence +15%
State Artisan Archers & Chariot Cost -10%

End bonus for this path is ‘The 'Diplomatic' Fleet’, which gives Trireme Discipline +10%.

Noble path

Tradition Bonuses
Fit for a King Chariot Defense +15%
Trained to Kill War Elephant Discipline +10%
Armored Archers Archers Defense +15%
Padma Vyuha Allows Padma Vyuha Combat Tactic
Imported Horses Chariot Discipline +10%
Elephantine Abundance War Elephant Cost -15%
Exotic Soldiers Mercenary Maintenance -15%

The end bonus for this path is ‘Striding Besides Giants’, which gives War Elephant Morale +10%.