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| Rank = Major power
| Rank = Major power

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Major powerMaurya
Primary culture
Magadhi (Aryan)

Capital province
Pataliputra (4440)

Aristocratic Monarchy

State religion

Military traditions

The Mauryan Empire is one of the greatest empires in Indian history. Founded by Chandragupta Maurya, it reached its greatest fame under Chandragupta's grandson, Ashoka the Great. After witnessing the horrors of war, Ashoka converted to Buddhism, spending the rest of his reign enacting humane policies and sending Buddhist missionaries throughout Asia. The Mauryan empire collapsed shortly thereafter as weak kings could not keep the empire united.

Will you follow the Mauryan path of conquest? Or will you convert your empire to Buddhism? But you must ensure the empire does not collapse as it did historically. What if the world witnessed a long-lasting united Indian empire instead of Rome?


The Maurya has 6,066 Population at the beginning of the game. The main ones are:

  • 1090 Hindu Shauraseni
  • 1080 Hindu Avanti
  • 636 Hindu Gandhari
  • 548 Hindu Magadhi
  • 478 Hindu Saurashtran
  • 456 Hindu Sindhi
  • 385 Buddhist Magadhi
  • 378 Hindu Bangli
  • 222 Hindu Vidharban
  • 200 Buddhist Shauraseni
  • 128 Hindu Kamarupi
  • 101 Buddhist Gandhari
  • 81 Zoroastrian Sindhi
  • 65 Buddhist Bangli
  • 44 Hellenic Macedonian
  • 41 Jain Magadhi
  • 40 Jain Shauraseni

Population Types:

  • 1,007 Citizen (16.60%)
  • 1,467 Freeman (24.18%)
  • 1,791 Tribesman (29.53%)
  • 1,801 Slave (29.69%)



The Maurya begin with 104 Cohorts, which consists of 6 Elephants, 49 Heavy Infantry, and 49 Light Calvary. The maximum Manpower for the Maurya at 450 A.V.C. is 538,000. 1,794 Manpower is gained each month.

  • From Pops: 1,794
  • From Subjects: 0


The Maurya start with 3 fleets deployed, each with 36 ships. One fleet is stationed on the Ganges river, one fleet on the Indus river, and one by the Arabian Sea (Mare Erythraeum).


The Maurya has Atavia as a subject.


The Maurya can convert to Buddhism very early in the game once 400 Religious Power is obtained and the office of Purohita is occupied by a Buddhist (you can restart the game if necessary to get an appropriate character). The vast size of the Mauryan empire may be its greatest challenge as the player must prevent the empire from disintegrating as it did historically. Buddhism has some useful omens for a large, growing empire's stability such as reducing aggressive expansion and increasing province loyalty; however, this has to be balanced against the need to convert a large number of Hindu pops (most likely via changing your governors' policies). On the other hand, Hinduism has omens which directly buff combat ability and pop productivity. Hinduism also has a useful population boosting omen which could help a player populate the farmlands of northern India. So the player should decide which path to take.

The Mauryan Empire has vast armies and territory, true, but its greatest weakness may be its lack of water or road transport to potential theaters of combat including central India, the Himalayas, and the Iranian Plateau (the Seleucid Empire, including its ceded territories). This leaves the Maurya extremely vulnerable to foreign enemies, rebellions, or barbarians who can take large amounts of territory before the empire can respond. There are several possible to solutions to this, for example, deployment of reserves around the empire, mobile forces (such as all light cavalry - which can handle small enemy forces or slave revolts), or the construction of forts at key points. Barbarian raiders, especially, are a threat coming from the Thar desert, the wildernesses of northern India, or the Bengal jungle. One strategy is to place forts on barbarian invasion routes (using the barbarian power mapmode) which can delay the barbarians long enough to respond. Once civic tech level 7 is achieved, roads may be built throughout the empire to make travel times to threatened fronts much more reasonable.

Though your enemies will ally against you, the vast manpower reserves of the Maurya can see you through to victory. Ashoka the Great recoiled in horror at the deaths of hundreds of thousands in war. But perhaps you will, instead, ruthlessly press on to expand Mauryan power to the entire subcontinent and beyond.


Ashoka’s Pillars icon
Ashoka’s Pillars
As the Mauryas, conquer all of India, convert to Buddhism, and have at least 80% Religious Unity.