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Coastal heritage

Notes: For countries with a starting Country capital.png capital in a Coastal Sea coastal territory.

Commerce from export.png +10% Export Value
Price state investment oratory cost modifier.png −5% Oratory Provincial Investment Cost
Fortress building cost.png +10% Fortress Building Cost

Flag of Leptis Minor Leptis Minor is a city-state in Africa.


Main article: Carthaginian missions

With the Punic Wars DLC, Leptis Minor can access the Carthaginian missions due to its Punic culture, provided it becomes a regional power and otherwise meets the requirements. These missions involve defeating the Greeks and Romans to conquer Italy, establishing   colonies and expanding into Hispania and Africa, building up trade and naval infrastructure, liberating   Phoenicia from foreign rule, and more.

Like all other countries, Leptis Minor also has access to the Generic missions regardless of whether or not the DLC is enabled.


Leptis Minor begins the game as a   feudatory of   Carthage.


Leptis Minor has a   population of 16 pops at the beginning of the game. Most of its pops are Canaanite Punic, but some are Megalithic Massylian.

The population type breakdown is listed below:

  •   1 Noble
  •   7 Citizens
  •   4 Freemen
  •   2 Tribesman
  •   2 Slaves