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The history of the indigenous Egyptian religion stretches back many thousands of years. Manifesting as a polytheistic faith, the worship of Ra, Atum, Sekhmet and others, displays a deep reverence for the fundamental aspects of the natural world.
— In-game description

The Kemetic religion is a polytheistic faith found in Egypt, Nubia, and Punt. This article documents the deities associated with the religion. All values are for Omen.png+100% Omen Power.

Many Kemetic deities can be accessed by any polytheistic nation that controls their holy site or has a specific percentage of Kemetic pops: 5% for Very Common deities, 10% for Common deities, 20% for Rare deities, and 40% for Very Rare deities.

Every Kemetic nation benefits from Popularity+0.10 Monthly Ruler Popularity Gain.

General deities

These deities are available to all Kemetic nations, and all polytheistic nations that have enough Kemetic pops or control the deity's holy site (Isis is also universally available to Megalithic nations, and those that have allowed the Isis cult within their borders):

Deity Category Rarity Passive effect Omen effect Apotheosis effect Holy site
Anhur War Rare −12.50% No Casus Belli War Cost Discipline.png+4% Discipline Military experience.png0.50 Military Experience, multiplied by the deity’s Military power.png Martial 560, Thinis, Flag of Egypt Egypt
Resheph War Rare Reinforcement speed.png+5% Reinforcement Speed Manpower recovery speed.png+8% Manpower Recovery Speed Manpower.png1,000 Manpower, multiplied by the deity’s Military power.png Martial, and an extra 1,000 if the deity’s Military power.png Martial is at least 11, if manpower is below 80%
Military experience.png2.00 Military Experience, otherwise
Sekhmet War Rare Discipline.png+3% Discipline Fort defense.png+12% Fort Defense Supply limit.png+5.00 Supply Limit and Fort defense.png+15% Local Fort Defense in the capital province and another random province, for five years 504, Leontopolis, Flag of Egypt Egypt
Horus Culture Common Pop happy.png+5% State Religion Happiness Technology speed+12% Religious Tech Investment Technology speed+2.50 Religious Advances progress, multiplied by the deity’s Religious power.png Zeal 576, Apollonopolis Magna, Flag of Egypt Egypt
Osiris Culture Common Popularity+0.05 Monthly Ruler Popularity Gain Pop happy.png+15% Primary Culture Happiness Up to 5 pops in a random territory will convert to the deity’s faith 561, Abydos, Flag of Egypt Egypt
Amun Culture Rare Aggressive expansion.png−5% Aggressive Expansion Impact Local output+10% National Freeman Output Up to 2 employed characters will convert to the deity’s faith 569, Diospolis Magna/Luxor, Flag of Egypt Egypt
Ptah Culture Rare Technology speed+7.50% Civic Tech Investment Local output+10% National Citizen Output Technology speed+2.50 Civic Advances progress, multiplied by the deity’s Civic power.png Finesse 500, Memphis, Flag of Egypt Egypt
Anubis Economy Common National tax+10% National Tax Pop happy.png+8% National Slave Happiness A Slaves Slave appears in the capital; two if the deity’s Civic power.png Finesse is at least 6; four if the deity’s Civic power.png Finesse is at least 9 553, Lykopolis, Flag of Egypt Egypt
Hathor Economy Rare Civilization.png+0.05% Monthly Civilization Change Monthly food.png+15% Global Monthly Food Modifier 1 Free Province Investment; two if the deity’s Civic power.png Finesse is at least 11 563, Tenthyris, Flag of Egypt Egypt
Isis Fertility Very Common Monthly food.png+10% Global Monthly Food Modifier Pop happy.png+12% Wrong Culture-Group Happiness Global food capacity.png50 Food in every province, multiplied by the deity’s Oratory power.png Charisma 591, Syene, Flag of Dodekaschoinos Dodekaschoinos
Ra Fertility Common Monthly food.png+10% Global Monthly Food Modifier Local output+10% National Slave Output Local population growth.png+0.15% Local Population Growth in the capital province for five years 501, Heliopolis, Flag of Egypt Egypt


  • "km.t" or "Kemet" is the Ancient Egyptian name of Egypt.