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Local powerJudea
Primary culture
Hebrew (Levantine)

Capital province
Jerusalem (687)

Theocratic Monarchy

State religion
Military traditions
Flag of Judea Judean heritage

Fort defense.png +10% Fort defense
Religious tech investment.png +10% Religious Tech Investment
Pop assimilation.png −25% Pop Conversion Speed

Judea is a landlocked Local power, bordering Flag of Phrygia Phrygia to the north and west, the rival Jewish kingdom of Flag of Samaria Samaria to the north-west, Flag of Egypt Egypt to the south-west and Flag of Nabatea Nabatea to the south. Judea starts as a tributary of Phrygia (or the Antigonid Empire), one of the more powerful Diadochi states.

Their starting Adonis is Simon I Zadokite.(Martial 4 Civic power.png 5 Oratory power.png 8 Religious power.png 11) Judea has a unique heritage that gives it +10% Fort Defence, +10% Religious tech investment and -25% Religious conversion.

Judea's position as the strongest Jewish nation in the game makes it the best option for the Kingdom of David and the Holy Pilgrim Achievements.


Population and Culture TypeEdit

Judea starts with a   population of 123 across   20 territories. The population type breakdown is listed below:

  • 18  Citizens
  • 47  Freemen
  • 24  Tribesmen
  • 34  Slaves

The culture type breakdown of the Judean population is listed below:

  • 114 Jewish Hebrew
  • 4 Jewish Phoenician
  • 3 Jewish Aramaic
  • 1 Arabic Hebrew
  • 1 Arabic Nabatean


Judea's starting army consists of 4   light infantry. Judea has 13,053 manpower   available at the start out of a maximum 13,053, with 57 manpower gained each month from pops. Judea has the option to create light infantry, archers, light cavalry, and heavy cavalry right at the start of the game due to Livias producing Horses.

Judea is a good defensive nation early on due to the Levantine Traditions which give options to increase hostile attrition while decreasing your own. The Judean Heritage also give's Judea a 10% bonus to fort defense.


The strategy described here will be geared towards the beginning of the campaign, breaking away from Phrygia, allying Egypt, and gathering some land to begin the process of unlocking the Kingdom of David and Holy Pilgrim Achievements. This strategy requires a little RNG luck at the beginning so restarts may be necessary.

Immediately before un-pausing the game, cancel tribute to Phrygia, arrange a marriage for your ruler, set ideas (for  increased loyalty is recommended), import iron if possible, assign the army to become a regional army and set them to drill. It is possible that immediately after un-pausing, Egypt will offer you an alliance. Accept the alliance and start preparing for war. Also embrace any inventions that might seem useful, such as an additional import route or increased siege ability. When choosing import routes, try not to import from Phrygia, since Judea and Phrygia will be at war very soon.

Un-pause and recruit some heavy infantry and other preferred cohorts to your drilling army. Once everything is set up and an alliance with Egypt is secured, fabricate a claim on Nabatea. It is important to fabricate a claim after Egypt offers an alliance otherwise they will not send an offer. Note: If Egypt doesn't offer an alliance by the time they go to war with Phrygia then it would be advised to restart. Around March of 451, you should receive a message regarding Egypt wanting to provoke war with Phrygia. Egypt might insult Judea and consider leaving the alliance, if this happens, improve their opinion. In the case that they do break the alliance, a restart would be advised. In 452, Egypt and Phrygia should start a war over south Phoenicia. Once Egypt calls Judea into the war, occupy as much territory as you can in the provinces of Decapolis, Philista, and Galilee. If Judea is the occupier, when Egypt sues for peace, Judea should get some land in the peace deal. During the Phrygian war, if Nabatea does not have any allies, declare war on them. It should be a very easy war as they only have 4 cohorts. Full annex Nabatea before egypt can take any of their land.


Kingdom of David
Starting as a Jewish nation, own the regions of Palestine and Syria, as well as the areas of Sinai, Eastern Delta, Central Delta, Memphis, Euphrates, Niniveh, Mesopotamia Superior, Apolloniatis, Babylonia, Cittacine, and Sumer
Holy Pilgrim
As a Jewish country own and control all original Jewish Holy Sites: Ekbatana, Oros Chorib, Apologos, Jerusalem, Ephraim, Sousa, Kadasa and Aqola.