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AE - Aggressive expansion

Best CB - Declaring a war without a casus belli. Comes from the phrase "Best CB is no CB".

Border gore - Very irregular borders: full of holes and disconnected or stretching bits, sometimes called “border snakes”. Border gore doesn’t have a real mechanical penalty, but it is aesthetically unpleasing.

To bird / to squirrel - To exit the game and load a previous save, while playing on ironman, also known as “save-scumming”. Comes from the joke "Look, a bird / a squirrel!", which is supposed to distract the viewers, while the player quits the game. Alternatively, the joke is that the squirrels ate or unplugged the cable.

Cahoots - Cohorts

CB - Casus belli, or a reason to go to war

Cheevos - Achievements

Fascist mana - Political influence. Comes from the fasces in the icon.

HC - Heavy cavalry

HI - Heavy infantry

LC - Light cavalry

LI - Light infantry

ME - Military experience, also sometimes “military mana”.

PI - Political influence

Playing tall - Focusing on internal development and population growth

Playing wide - Focusing on expansion and conquest

Siege race - When you and your enemy siege different forts. Who sieges first wins the race.

Stab - Stability. "To stab up" means to increase stability.

Stackwipe - Completely destroying another army, without letting them retreat

To vacuum pops - To gather pops from uncolonized lands as a migratory tribe, depopulating them

Vassal swarm - A strategy of playing with many vassals, who will all join the overlord's wars, acting like a big swarm

WE - War exhaustion

ZoC - Zone of control exerted by forts