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A holding is is a property that can be bought by or given to a character. Holdings provide income and power base to their owner.

Holding mechanics

  • Except for the capital of the state, each territory includes one holding.
  • You can only give a holding to a head of family at a cost of 40Cost. The beneficiary will gain 10 loyaltyLoyalty.png, decreasing at a rate of -2 per year. If the beneficiary is the ruler, an additional cost of 5 corruptionCorruption.png will apply.
  • You can revoke a holding at a cost of 5 loyaltyLoyalty.png, decreasing at a rate of -2 per year.
  • Heads of families can also buy holdings at their own expense.
  • Characters that are not head of family can earn holdings via events.
  • If a character dies, his holdings are inherited by the head of his family.

Power base

The sum of the power base given by all the holdings in a country is approximately equal to 50. Each holding gives the same amount of power base to its owner, with a maximum of 10 per holding.

So, if a character owns 10 holdings in a country with 21 territories, he should receive 25 power base. Indeed, the capital of the state doesn't have a holding, so the character owns 50% of the holdings in the country, which means that he earns half of 50 power base.

In little countries with less than five holdings, total power base will be under 50, since a holding can only give a maximum of 10 power base.


A holding is a source of monthly income for his owner. The more a territory is wealthy and populated, the more the income of the holding will be significant.


If you have at least 40 tyranny and if the head of a great family is imprisoned, you can proscribe him. He will be executed and his family will lose all her holdings. His family won't be considered as a great family anymore.

Civil war

In case of civil war, the territories where a revolting character has holdings will always join the rebels.


Holdings are important in the balance of power between the great families of your empire. If left unchecked, the head of a great family could try to buy more and more holdings to snowball his wealth and his power base.

You should be careful when you grant a holding to your ruler because of the corruption. Remember that if every holdings grant the same amount of power base, their income is highly variable according to the wealth of their territory. So try to preempt big cities and highly productive territories.

If a family becomes too powerful, you can revoke her holdings to try to contain her. If the situation becomes really serious, you can bring the head of family to a trial to emprison him and proscribe him. But be aware that if you lose the trial, a civil war might occur.