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Originating in Scythian lands, this pantheistic faith worshiped seven principal gods, often equated to those of the Greek pantheon. Elements of the earlier polytheistic folk religion of the scythians still remains, as does the practice of horse sacrifice and chariot burials, similar to those of the Celts.
— In-game description

The Heptadic religion is a polytheistic faith spread throughout the Eurasian steppe. This article documents the deities associated with the religion. All values are for Omen.png+100% Omen Power.

Many Heptadic deities can be accessed by any polytheistic nation that controls their holy site or has a specific percentage of Heptadic pops: 5% for Very Common deities, 10% for Common deities, 20% for Rare deities, and 40% for Very Rare deities.

Every Heptadic nation benefits from Military experience.png+5% Monthly Military Experience.

General deities

These deities are available to all Heptadic nations, and all polytheistic nations that have enough Heptadic pops or control the deity's holy site:

Deity Category Rarity Passive effect Omen effect Apotheosis effect Holy site
Thagimasadas War Rare Aggressive expansion.png−0.025 Aggressive Expansion Change Morale.png+8% Morale of Navies A random navy gains two units of Unit octere.png Octeres, if a navy exists
Military experience.png0.50 Military Experience, multiplied by the deity’s Military power.png Martial, otherwise
4557, Tanais, Flag of Scythia Scythia
Goitosyrus Culture Rare Research points.png+5% Research Points Civilization.png+0.04% Monthly Civilization Change Technology speed+2.50 Civic Advances progress, multiplied by the deity’s Civic power.png Finesse 4545, Maeotia, Flag of Scythia Scythia
Papaios Culture Rare National tax+10% National Tax Pop happy.png+12% Wrong Culture Happiness 1 Free Province Investment; two if the deity’s Civic power.png Finesse is at least 11 7616, Tmakrat, 20px Sindica
Api Economy Rare −25% Create Trade Route Cost Commerce value.png+12% National Commerce Income Wealth15 Wealth, multiplied by the deity’s Civic power.png Finesse 5890, Mykon, Flag of Sarmatia Sarmatia
Tabiti Economy Rare Stability.png+0.025 Monthly Stability Change Monthly war exhaustion−0.04 Monthly War Exhaustion A Citizens Citizen appears in the capital; two if the deity’s Civic power.png Finesse is at least 6; four if the deity’s Civic power.png Finesse is at least 9
Argimpasa Fertility Rare Local population growth.png+0.10% National Population Growth Manpower recovery speed.png+8% Manpower Recovery Speed Local population growth.png+0.15% Local Population Growth in the capital province for five years 5874, Recrassia, Flag of Legia Legia
Targitaos Fertility Rare Monthly food.png+10% Global Monthly Food Modifier Pop happy.png+8% National Tribesman Happiness Manpower.png1,000 Manpower, multiplied by the deity’s Military power.png Martial, and an extra 1,000 if the deity’s Military power.png Martial is at least 11, if manpower is below 80%
Military experience.png2.00 Military Experience, otherwise