Heirs of Alexander

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Heirs of Alexander

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Release date / Patch
2021-02-16 / 2.0

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Heirs of Alexander is the fourth content pack for Imperator: Rome. It was announced on 2021-02-01 and released on 2021-02-16 coinciding with patch 2.0.

DLC features[edit | edit source]

The Hellenistic kingdoms of the Eastern Mediterranean and Asia take center stage in this Content Pack for Imperator: Rome. Heirs of Alexander add additional context and flavor to this rich and varied landscape, as the great conqueror’s former generals and their descendants try to claim the mantle of the ancient world’s most legendary ruler.

  • Unique Missions Trees: New special mission objectives for the Antigonid Empire in Anatolia, Seleucid Empire in Asia, Ptolemaic Empire in Egypt, Macedonia and Thrace.
  • Shared Mission Tree: Diadochi-themed mission objectives available to all of the Successor Kingdoms.
  • Wonder Designer: New tool that allows players to build their own custom monuments, adding bonuses to their location or to the entire empire.
  • New Events: Various Dynamic Historical Events based on the legacy of Alexander’s followers.
  • New Deities: Regional gods and goddesses from the Hellenistic kingdoms.
  • New Treasures: Distinctive artifacts from around the Greek world.
  • New Music: Three new music tracks to inspire your Successor Kingdom.

Patch features[edit | edit source]

  • Levies: Draft levies from your provinces to fight your wars. Their size and composition is based on the cultures and population types in the province.
  • Legions: Advance your military technology to create standing, professional military forces to guard your empire. But beware of their cost and tendency to follow disloyal generals.
  • Military Histories: Legions and Mercenary units have histories that will list their accomplishments over time, earning honors or penalties based on their legacies.
  • Engineers: Special cohort to help with sieges, river crossings and road building.
  • Changes to Inventions and Military Traditions: Radically overhauled invention system - unlock new abilities alongside old inventions, and shape your civilization like never before.
  • Diadochi War Goal: New large scale conquests available to Hellenistic kingdoms to better model the ambitions of Successor rulers.
  • UI Overhaul: Completely reworked interface to make options and decisions more intuitive.
  • And much more: New unit models for levy and legion units, new port construction options, changes to forts and deities.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Cinematic trailers[edit | edit source]

Heirs of Alexander: Release Trailer. New events and missions highlight the Wars of the Diadochi, a series of bitter struggles fought by former generals and followers of Alexander the Great.
Imperator: Rome - 2.0 'Marius' Free Update. The 2.0 ‘Marius’ update to Imperator: Rome is a significant reworking of the military system in the game, adding new features that transform war and army management.

Tutorials[edit | edit source]

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Dev diaries[edit | edit source]

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All developer diaries about the Heirs of Alexander content pack and patch 2.0 (aka Marius).

Patch 2.0 (Marius)
No. Title and Link Description Date
26 Status Update (Apr 2021) ... 2021-04-30
25 Two Years! ... 2021-04-25
24 2.0.3 Patch Released Patchnotes for the 2.0.3 patch 2021-03-17
23 2.0.2 Patch Released Patchnotes for the 2.0.2 patch 2021-03-09
22 2.0.1 Patch Released Patchnotes for the 2.0.1 patch 2021-02-18
21 Change Log Patchnotes for the Marius update 2021-02-15
20 More Great Wonders! Overview of great wonders including types, construction, materials, effects, tiers, and art 2021-02-08
19 Heirs of Alexander and 2.0 Marius Announcement Announcement and features for the Heirs of Alexander DLC and the 2.0 Marius patch 2021-02-01
18 Population Growth and Map Changes Changes to Population Growth resulting in overall lower world population, capping Research Efficiency to balance smaller and larger nations, as well as Map Changes consisting of Countries, Cultures, Formables, and Major Rivers 2021-01-25
17 Important balance changes and missions Balance changes made to Manpower, Statesmanship, Subjects and Integration, Oratory Inventions, Mercenaries, Holy Sites and Treasures, and AI Expansion, and presenting a late-game shared mission tree for the successor kingdoms 2021-01-18
16 Civilization, Buildings and Macedon Reworking the civilization & buildings mechanics and the new Macedonian mission tree 2021-01-11
15 The Longest Diary Introduce new mechanic allows you to selecting heir in monarchies, new succession type (elective monarchy), new army models and Antigonid kingdom mission trees 2020-12-14
14 Ports and Mission Trees Reworking ports to be similar to other buildings, QoL-changes to the technology tree and new content for Thrace in the new DLC 2020-12-07
13 Egypt Mission Trees New content coming in paid DLC for Ptolemaic Egypt 2020-11-30
12 Heirs of Alexander Changes to Diadochi wars and unit 3d models, as well as new mission trees for the Seleukids 2020-11-23
11 Warfare Changes part 2 Presenting Legions, the new standing armies, as well as how reworked Military Experience functions 2020-11-16
10 Warfare Introduction of Levies and Legions 2020-11-09
9 UI rework part 2 Showing of the new Nation Overview, Religion View and added functionality to the Macro Builder 2020-11-02
8 Traditions and more inventions Talking about the new Military Traditions as well as changes to Inventions since previous dev-diary 2020-10-26
7 Warfare changes Changes to Combat Width, Forts and Occupation,as well as adding Automated Provincial Trading and Engineer Cohorts 2020-10-19
6 Invention System Showing the reworked inventions system with the introduction of tech-trees 2020-10-12
5 UI rework In-depth overview of the UI rework 2020-10-05
4 A Most Auspicious Number Introducing the Marius update and teasing the UI overhaul 2020-09-28
3 Introducing Vitruvius Plans for Vitruvius and Great Wonders 2020-09-21
2 Vitruvius and How We Work Discussing the process of developing Vitruvius in parallel with the main studio 2020-09-14
1 Important Studio News Introducing the Paradox Thalassic Studio 2020-09-10

References[edit | edit source]