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== References ==
== References ==
[[Category:Military traditions]]
[[Category:Military traditions]]

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See also: Military traditions

The Greek traditions cover the tactics of the peoples of the hellenistic empires and the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Availability and focus


The Greek traditions are available for countries with the following culture groups:


The traditions focus on strengthening the below unit types and possibly unlock some new abilities:

  • Phalanx Phalanx
  • Unit focus:
    • Strong Unit heavy infantry.png Heavy infantry
    • Good Unit light cavalry.png Cavalry
  • Possible ability unlocks:
    • Cavalry skirmish Cavalry Skirmish
    • Military Colonies
    • Slave Raid
  • Possible unit unlocks:
    • Unit octere.png Octere
    • Unit mega-polyreme.png Mega-Polyreme


Starting bonus
Modernized Phalanx icon
Modernized Phalanx

  • Allows Phalanx Phalanx
Whilst partially responsible for the success of Alexander against the hosts of Darius the Third, the phalanx originally evolved out of the need for a highly defensive, armored formation, used by Greek city-states making war upon one another.
Seleucid path
Greek seleucid path 1.png
  • Agema
  • Offense -15% Heavy cavalry maintenance cost
Greek seleucid path 2.png
  • Arms for Hire
  • Morale.png +5% Morale of armies
  • Cost -15% Recruit mercenary cost
Greek seleucid path 3.png
  • Phoenician Sailors
  • +5% Ship damage done
Greek seleucid path 4.png
  • Companion Cavalry
  • Cavalry skirmish Enable "Cavalry Skirmish" tactic
Greek seleucid path 5.png
  • Kataphraktoi
  • Offense +10% Heavy cavalry offense
Greek seleucid path 6.png
  • Thyreophoroi
  • Morale.png +10% Light infantry morale
Greek seleucid path 7.png
  • The Hipparchos
  • Morale.png +10% Heavy cavalry morale
  • Morale.png +10% Light cavalry morale
Greek seleucid path end bonus.png
  • Bonus: Deep Coffers
  • Maintenance.png −15% Mercenary army maintenance
  • Discipline.png +10% Heavy cavalry discipline
Greek states path
Greek states path 1.png
  • The Sarissa
  • Morale.png +10% Heavy infantry morale
Greek antigonid path 1.png
  • Veterans of the Great Campaign
  • +10 Cohort starting experience
  • −0.50% Experience decay
Greek states path 2.png
  • Tarentine Advance
  • Defense +10% Light cavalry defense
Greek states path 4.png
  • Military Colonies
  • Yes Enable "Military colonies" ability
Greek antigonid path 3.png
  • The Nobility Ride
  • Offense +10% Light cavalry offense
Greek states path 6.png
  • City State Fortifications
  • Defense +15% Fort defense
Greek states path 7.png
  • Centuries of War
  • Cost −10% Heavy infantry maintenance cost
Greek states path end bonus.png
  • Bonus: The Silver Shields
  • Offense +10% Heavy infantry offense
Antigonid path
Greek antigonid path 2.png
  • Proud Shipwrights
  • Yes Allows "Octere" units
  • Cost −15% Ship building cost
Greek states path 5.png
  • Mine's Bigger Than Yours
  • Yes Allows "Mega-Polyreme" units
Greek antigonid path 5.png
  • Peltasts
  • Offense +10% Light infantry offense
Greek antigonid path 4.png
  • The Victor's Spoils
  • Yes Enable "Slave Raid" ability
  • Enslavement efficiency.png +10% Enslavement efficiency
Greek states path 3.png
  • Siegecraft
  • Siege ability +10% Siege ability
Greek antigonid path 6.png
  • Specialist Infantry
  • Discipline.png +10% Archers discipline
Greek antigonid path 7.png
  • Mastery of the Mountains
  • Combat bonus +15% Archers hills combat bonus
  • Combat bonus +15% Heavy infantry hills combat bonus
  • Combat bonus +15% Light infantry hills combat bonus
Greek antigonid path end bonus.png
  • Bonus: Combined Arms
  • Offense +10% Light infantry offense
  • Defense +10% Light infantry defense


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