Greek missions

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Pan-Hellenic Government

Pan-Hellenic Government Since the days of the Persian invasion it has become increasingly clear that the strenghts of Hellenic civilization are wasted when division leaves us ripe for foreign invaders to plunder. If Greece is to flourish in these strange times her people must be united under the leadership of a strong figurehead.

Completion Criteria Establish hegemony over Greece.

The Hospitable Sea

The Hospitable Sea The events of the past 100 years have proven the needed for the disparate colonies of the Pontus Euxinos to band together, voluntarily or by force, if they are to survive the rise of the successors, foreign emulators, and barbarians.

Completion Criteria Estabilish a Euxine hegemony

Greater Greece

Greater Greece The Italiote cities of Magna Graecia have squabbling over regional dominance and allowed themselves to fall prey to italic tribes in the process. In the coming days, our city must take the weight of Italiote leadership if Magna Graecia is to survive.

Completion Criteria Establish leadership of the Italotian Greeks.

Far From Home

Far From Home Massalia, Emporion, and the other Phocaean colonies were founded by exiles fleeing from the Persians, who sacked Phocaea in Ionia. They built new lives in the far flung territories of Gaul and Iberia, founding trading posts and competing with the Carthaginians. Times are hard, and the survival of the most westerly Greeks hangs in the balance.

Completion Criteria Defend Hellenic interests in the western Mediterranean.