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Flag of Etruria Etruscan heritage

Civilization.png +0.02% Monthly Civilization Change
Price found city cost modifier.png −25% Found city cost modifier
Price state investment military cost modifier.png +5% Military Provincial Investment Cost

Flag of Etruria Etruria is a regional power located in the Italia region. Etruria shares borders with many different nations. 20px Genuatia to the northwest, 20px Friniatia to the north, Flag of Umbria Umbria to the east, Flag of Sabinia Sabinia to the southeast, and finally Flag of Rome Rome to the south. Etruria also has territory on the island of Corsica with the option to colonize. Ruled by Consul Elbio Vulturreno (Military power.png 9 Civic power.png 5 Oratory power.png 7 Religious power.png 10), Etruria starts off with an alliance to Friniatia and in a great position to deal with Rome before Rome has the opportunity to become a major power. Historically, Rome annexes Etruria in 310 BCE, 6 years after the start date.

Population and Culture Type

Etruria starts with a Population.png population of 377 across Local.png 28 territories. The population type breakdown is listed below:

  • 99Citizens Citizens
  • 70Freemen Freemen
  • 128Tribesmen Tribesmen
  • 80Slaves Slaves

The culture type breakdown of the Etrurian population is listed below:

  • 282 Hellenic Etruscans
  • 34 Canaanite Corsian
  • 24 Hellenic Umbrians
  • 18 Hellenic Romans
  • 15 Hellenic Massalian
  • 4 Hellenic Corsian


Etruria's starting army consists of 2 Unit archers.png archers, 2 Unit heavy infantry.png heavy infantry, and 2 Unit light infantry.png light cavalry. Etruria has 15,839 manpower Manpower.png available at the start out of a maximum 18,571, gaining 88 each month from pops. Etruria also has a starting navy of 5 Liburnian and 5 Trireme.

Etruria starts off with the Walled City military tradition, granting a bonus of +15% Fort Defense.