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Diplomatic relations cap

A nation, depending on its rank, can have a number of diplomatic relations. Each Alliance and Tributary counts as 1 relation, while a defensive league occupies just 1 slot, no matter how big it is. For each relation over your limit, all your power costs are increased by 10%.

Increasing the diplomatic relations cap

You can increase the number or relations by increasing your size.

Country rank Extra relations
City State +1 Diplomatic Relations
Local Power +2 Diplomatic Relations
Major Power +3 Diplomatic Relations
Great Power +4 Diplomatic Relations

Diplomatic actions


Declare War / Sue for Peace


Offer/Dissolve Alliance

Demand/Break/Cancel Tribute

Invite/Kick/Leave Defensive League

You need to be a City State or Local Power to use this action.


Proclaim Guarantee

You need to be a Major Power or greater to use this action. You can protect any nation of lower rank from being attacked, giving you Casus Belli on anyone attacking them.

Intervene in War

You can join on any side in a war, where you have good relation with the war leader. You need to be a Great power to use this action.

Threaten War

You can use a claim, to demand a nation to secede a city or province to you, to avoid an expensive war. You need to be a Major power or Great Power to use this action.

Enforce Peace

You can force a white-peace on a nation in a war, if you have good relations with their enemies. You need to be a great power to use this action.


Improve Relation


Support Rebels

Fabricate Claims


Request/Cancel Trade Access

Send Gift

Sell City


Ask/Cancel Military Access

Offer/Cancel Military Access