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This page deals with commands used in the console. For the modding term, see effects.

Since the Pompey patch (1.1), the console is disabled by default. To enable it, either:

  • Press Crtl+Shift+P and type "debug_mode"
  • Or add "-debug_mode" to the launch options:
    1. On Steam: right-click the game, choose Properties, Set Launch Options, add "-debug_mode"
    2. On Windows: create a shortcut for the game, right-click it, choose Properties and in the Target field add "debug_mode" at the end
    3. On GOG: right-click the game, choose Settings, check "Add command line arguments" and enter "debug_mode"

The debug mode disables achievements. Console commands are not available in ironman games or multiplayer.

To open the console press `

Alternatively, try one of the following: Shift+2, ALT+2+1, Shift+3, §, ~, ^, °, ²

Press or to scroll through the last used commmands.

Press ⇆Tab to autocomplete a command.

Below is a short list of common commands. For the full list type "help" in the console or visit

[<x>] means you can input a number or an id, e.g. "cash 300" or "annex ROM". You can find the tag in the debug tooltip when hovering over a country or on this page.

List of commands

Command Effect
ae [<amount>] Modifies your aggressive expansion. ae -10 would reduce it by 10.
annex [<countrytag>] Annexes the specific country to yours.
army [<cohortcount>][<province>] Adds specific amount of units in selected province.
army_loyalty [<prov> <amount>] Sets army loyalty to specified amount.
cash [<amount>] Adds specified amount of gold. Base is 5000.
centralization [<amount>] Sets centralization to specified amount.
character.age [<id>] [<age>] Sets character age. You can also do the same for loyalty, prominence, popularity, corruption, etc.
character.martial [<id>] [<age>] Sets character martial, replace with zeal, charisma, or finesse for those. Note that this does not actually set the true value, so setting it to 10 may not actual make it 10, but setting it to 5 will be 5 less whatever 10 set it to.
civil_war [<countrytag>] Starts a civil war in the specified country.
conquer [<provid>] Conquer specified territory.
control [<provid> [<countrytag>] Control specified territory by specified country.
debug_mode Shows tags and Ids, equivalent to charinfo in CK2.
debug.achievements.resetall Resets all achievements (developer command).
declare_war [<countrytag>] [<countrytag>] Starts war between two countries.
eagerness [<countrytag>] Check AI eagerness for war.
event [eventid][target] Triggers event for specified character/province/country.
exile Exiles selected units.
explorer Opens the object explorer debug tool
forcepeace [<countrytag>] Forces AI generated peace offers for specified country.
fow Toggles fog of war on/off.
gui_editor Opens the GUI editor
horde [<province>] Spawns a barbarian horde of 100k units in specified province.
instant_war Toggles on/off instant war declaration.
instantbuild Toggles on/off instant build
kill [<id>] Kills target character.
legitimacy [<amount>] Modify current ruler legitimacy.
corrupt [<amount>] Modify current corruption to amount. Defaults to 100 corruption
make_child [mother] [father] Spawns a child for the specified parents.
manpower [<amount>] Add specified amount of Manpower.
marry [character][character] Arranges marriage between two characters.
military_experience [<amount>] Modifies your military experience Changes current music track.
navy [<shipcount>][<province>] Spawns specified amount of Triremes in province.
observe(ob) Switch to spectator mode.
portrait_editor Opens/closes the portrait editor.
political_influence [<amount>] Modifies your political influence
prestige [<amount>] Modifies your prestige.
revolt [<countrytag>] Starts a revolt in specified country.
settings Opens the debug settings
setup_editor Opens the province setup editor where you can edit culture, religion, etc. This creates a setup file in documents that overrides base files.
stab [<amount>] Modifies your stability. Default sets it to 100.
tag [<countrytag>] Switch tag to another country. All countries have a numeric tag and an alpha-numeric tag. Either will work.
tech [<amount>] Gives tech levels. Amount is optional, not specifying the amount gives 1 tech level.
ti Toggles terra incognita on/off.
tyranny [<amount>] Modifies your tyranny. Tyranny -10 would reduce it by 10.
tick_day [number of days] Advances time by the specified number of days.
tweak fow Opens the tweaker GUI to enable or disable Fog of War
warexhaustion [<amount>] Modifies your war exhaustion. warexhaustion -10 would reduce it by 10.
yesmen Activates yesmen (AI accepts all diplomatic proposals).