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Major powerCarthage
Primary culture
Punic (Levantine)

Capital province
Carthage (3256)

Aristocratic Republic

State religion
Military traditions
Flag of Carthage Carthaginian heritage

Commerce from export.png +10% Export Value
Navy maintenance cost.png −10% Navy Maintenance Cost
Loyalty gain chance.png +5% Cohort loyalty gain chance

Carthage is a major power in centered in Africa, a former Phoenician colony that has marshaled its wealth and strategic position to dominate its fellow sister cities and establish an economic and military hegemony spanning the entire Western Mediterranean, based from one of the largest cities in the ancient world. Ingame Carthage begins as the predominant power in the region and one of the strongest countries on the map, with a large, mostly unchallenged navy, a strong network of feudatories and clients that can be relied on in times of war, and colonies spanning from Mauretania to Sicily that allow Carthage to exert its power far and wide. With few other large countries in the region Carthage realistically has few threats at the start of the game, though the Greeks of Sicily and Italia continue to be stubborn thorn in its side, the loyalty of its Numidian vassals continues to be somewhat of a question, and the rising power of Flag of Rome Rome deserves keeping a wary eye on. Historically Carthage would go on to extend its power into Hispania and the rest of the western Mediterranean islands, eventually entering a fierce rivalry with Flag of Rome Rome and engaging it near the height of its power in the three Punic Wars, nearly emerging victorious in the struggle before its defeat and complete destruction at the end of the wars in 146 BC.


Main article: Carthaginian missions

With the Punic Wars DLC, Carthage has a unique set of 10 missions exploring its historical accomplishments and ambitions. These missions involve defeating the Greeks and Romans to conquer Italy, expanding into Hispania and Africa, building up Carthage's trade and naval infrastructure, liberating Phoenicia from foreign rule, and more.

Like all other countries, Carthage also has access to the Generic missions regardless of whether or not the DLC is enabled.


Main article: Carthaginian events

Political Flavour Events

Carthage has a number of political flavour events that can trigger, covering topics such as the rise of the Barcids, political issues stemming from the attempted revolution of Bomilcar, enacting military reforms, and dealings with its feudatory sister cities.

Conquest Events

These events will give Carthage the opportunity to get claims on Sicily, Flag of Rome Rome, and the Numidian kingdoms.

Italian Administration Events

If Carthage manages to successfully conquer Sicily, Magna Graecia, and central Italy, there are events that will trigger allowing Carthage to choose between integrating those areas, settling veterans into those provinces, or releasing them as the feudatories of 20px Z'Keli, 20px Qart-hadasht Gadol, or 20px 'Talia, respectively, with Carthage keeping only the ports territories. Some of these events have largely been superseded by tasks in the unique Carthaginian mission trees and will not trigger if the free Punic Wars DLC is enabled.

Etruscan Fortunes

If Carthage manages to fully conquer Sardinia, a event chain will trigger that allows Carthage to either peacefully purchase Corsica from Flag of Etruria Etruria or get claims on the area in preparation for war.


Flag of Carthage Carthage has a number of country-specific flavour decisions about naval expansion, colonial development, and focusing on its mercenary traditions. All of them have since been superseded by tasks in the unique Carthaginian mission trees, and will not appear if the free Punic Wars DLC is enabled. The files can be found in /ImperatorRome/game/decisions/carthage.txt.


A New Carthage!

Hispania is a land of great riches. In order to continue to build a strong presence there we should endeavor to find a great new port on its southern coastline, a second capital on the other side of the sea. This new city, Qadr Hasht, will be to Hispania what our own capital was to the Punic settlers of Africa, a focal point for all colonies on the coastline and a clear leader for all Punic cities.

Potential requirements
  • The Punic Wars DLC is not active
  • Owns at least 1 territory
  • Is Flag of Carthage Carthage
  • Has not enacted this decision before
  • Has at least Wealth 500 gold
  • Owns Mastia (1036)
  • Owns or has subjects that own the provinces of Mastiania, Contestania Meridionalis, and Contestania Septentrionalis

  • Lose Wealth 500 gold
  • Mastia (1036) gets the modifier Carthaginian Metropolis until the end of the game, giving:
    • Local population growth.png +10% Local Population Growth
    • Commerce value.png +10% Commerce Value
    • Civilization.png +10% Local Civilization Level
  • Add Citizens 8 citizen pops, Freemen 6 freemen pops, and Slaves 4 slave pops to Mastia (1036)
  • Get claims to all territories not currently owned or owned by a subject in the provinces of Malacitia, Baetica Gaditanus, Oretania, Turdetania Occidentalis, and Edetania

Restructure Military Harbor of Carthage

The Carthaginian harbor has always been one of the greatest in the Punic world but as our Empire has grown, along with the city itself, a need has been born for a restructured and re-imagined harbor. We must spare no expense and expand the capabilities of our capital as a naval base and shipbuilding center.

Potential requirements
  • The Punic Wars DLC is not active
  • Owns at least 1 territory
  • Is Flag of Carthage Carthage
  • Has not enacted this decision before
  • Owns Carthage (3256)
  • Controls Carthage (3256)
  • Has at least Wealth 300 gold
  • Has at least Manpower.png 12000 manpower

  • Lose Wealth 300 gold
  • Lose Manpower.png 12000 manpower
  • Carthage (3256) gets the modifier Qadr Hasht Military Harbor until the end of the game, giving:
    • Local ship recruit speed.png +15% Ship Recruit Speed
    • Starting experience.png +10 Ship Starting Experience

Mercenary Patron

Our history with the local mercenary companies is a long one, where we have often turned to their help to secure our goals. Particularly in the many drawn out wars in Sicily, they played an essential part in protecting our interests.

As we are already close friends with some of the mercenary warlords, we should be able to convince them to settle down in Carthage. With our patronage, the companies will flourish and we will secure their loyalty at a cheaper price in future conflicts.

Potential requirements
  • The Punic Wars DLC is not active
  • Owns at least 1 territory
  • Is Flag of Carthage Carthage
  • Does not have the modifier Mercenary Patron
  • Owns Carthage (3256)
  • Level of Civic power.png Civic Advances is greater than 3
  • Has at least Wealth 550 gold

  • Lose Wealth 550 gold
  • Get the modifier Mercenary Patron until the end of the game, giving:
    • Recruit mercenary cost modifier.png -50% Recruit Mercenary Cost
    • Mercenary maintenance.png -10% Mercenary Cost


Carthage does not begin with any allies, but has a large network of 14 subjects across several different types (second in size only to Flag of Phrygia Phrygia), representing the relatively decentralized nature of its empire.


Carthage starts with a total Population.png population of 1083 spread out over 111 territories. Despite its spread out territories and holdings Carthage is fairly homogeneous at start with around 65% of the population being Punic Canaanite, making up most of the population in Africa as well as the coasts of western Mauretania, southern Sardinia, and Sicily; within the same culture group, the Hispanic colonies are dominated by Phoenician Canaanite pops instead. Substantial minority groups include Massylian and Massaesylian Megalithic pops in the inland areas of Africa as well as parts of the Numidian coast and Nuragic Canaanite areas in the northern and inland parts of Sardinia. There is also a relatively small populations of Siceliote and Siculian Hellenic pops in the inland areas of Sicily directly controlled by Carthage.


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  • Carthage will get an event, roughly 5 years into the game, to buy Flag of Etruria Etruria's Corsican territories. This event "Etruscan Fortunes" will only fire once the minors in Sardinia have been annexed, and it can grant claims for the cost of AE if you do not want to use money.
  • When taking the "The Mutiny of the Berbers" mission, bear in mind it costs roughly 18-20 AE to conquer all of Massylia, but is a defensive war so AE will decay passively. However, with Massaeylia it may be as high as 40 AE.
  • When taking "The Massaesylian Menace" mission, bear in mind Portus Divinus will keep Fish as its trade good, despite being made into a city by mission. This is the only way to keep get a city that produces a food trade good, but if this is not desired it may be a good a idea to turn it into a city beforehand.


There is currently one achievement that can only be earned as Carthage:

Punic Ascendance icon
Punic Ascendance
Own, or have a subject own all of Hispania.