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Buildings are build in cities and give a local bonus depending on the type of building. Each city can have at least 1 building, and each additional 10 pops in that city allows another building level. Additionally the capital has a level 1 fort by default. All kind of buildings (except the capital fort) can be torn down at any time for free leaving a the spot for another type of building. A building costs 100 gold to build by default, and the cost can be influenced by various factors such as events and inventions.


In-game Icon Building Province modifiers
File:Acquisition of wealth.png Marketplace +5% Local Tax, +5% Commerce Income, +1% Local Civilization Level.
Training Camp +10% Local Manpower.
Fortress +1 Fort Level.
Granary +0.06% Population Growth and +2.5% Local Slave Happiness.

Each building type can be built multiple times, so if you have 4 slots in your city, you can fill them all with Granaries if you so desire. Of course you can order the building of multiple buildings in a city at once, and they will be built in a queue.


Roads built by a Roman army.

Roads are buildings visible on the map that increase army movement speed by 50%. If a road is built over a river, a bridge will appear. The ability to build roads can be unlocked in the Roman section of the Latin military tradition path.


The following conditions must be met in order to build a road :

  • an army comprising at least 5 cohorts
  • 10 Military power.png


After the player selects the build a road action in the Army menu, the selected army will build a road linking its current city location to the next adjacent city it will move into. While building the road, the army movement speed will decrease to 20% and morale will be lowered too. If a road already exists, then the Military power.png cost is refunded.