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In-game pressing Ctrl + F9 removes the User Interface. Pressing Ctrl + F9 again brings it back.

Overview of the User Interface[edit | edit source]

User interface since V2.0
  1. Main map
  2. Recommended tasks
  3. Amount of gold - Available recruits - Political Influence - Military Experience - Stability - Agressive Expansion - War Exhaustion - Tyranny - Legitimacy
  4. Score - Statistics - Message log - Date and Speed settings - Menu
  5. Outliner and Outliner settings
  6. Queued Events
  7. Map modes
  8. Minimap
  9. Nation Overview - Government - Economy - Religion - Culture - Trade Overview - Military - Mercenaries - Diplomacy - Technology - Characters - Missions
  10. Macro Builder
  11. Nation Overview

Interaction with UI elements[edit | edit source]

Left mouse button Middle mouse button Right mouse button Mouse hovering (tooltip)
1. Main map Click: Choose province/unit. Hold and drag: Mark units Hold and drag: Pan the map. Mouse wheel: Zooms in and out Click: Open diplomacy for that country. Hold and drag: Turn and tilt the map Information depending on map mode
2. Recommended tasks Click: Opens screen which belongs to the task Click: Removes the task message Background information for the task
3. Top bar Shows relevant data / explanations
4. Top-right bar Click: Opens relevant screens Shows relevant data / explanations
5. Outliner Click: Opens relevant screens Mouse wheel: Scrolls through items Click: Interactions (e.g. disband units, character interaction) Shows relevant data / explanations
6. Queued Events Click: Opens event window Click: Remove message with choosing the default option Shows effects of the default option
7. Map modes Click: Choose map mode Remove map mode Shows explanations
8. Minimap Click: Choose location for main map
9. Left side bar Click: Opens screens Shows explanations
10. Macro Builder Click: Opens Macro Builder Shows explanations
11. Nation Overview Click: Opens Nation Overview Shows explanations