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  • Each Territory produces one type of trade good, wich are gathered and applied on the Province Level.
  • Import and Export are also done on the Province Level.
  • Players in general do not have a choice about wich territory produces wich tradegoods. They are largely predetermined or randomly determined.
  • Trade good bonuses are dependent on the type of good and they come in a wide variety. This allows you to tailor your provinces, and even more so your country, to your needs and desires by controlling what you produce and where you ship it.
  • Each territory produce 1 whole tradegood for the province by default. Getting more then 1 Tradegoode/Province can happen if more then one territory produces that good. But generally, Importing or surpluss production for large Slaves Slave Populations are the way to get more of those resources.


  • Each province has a certain number of trade routes it can use to import goods, and each route can be used to bring in one instance of any tradegood - provided there is a source for it.
  • They can also be exported to other provinces in the same Empire or (more likely) other nations altogether. They are no limits on export routes, other then what is avalible and who is willing and able to import it.
  • The Capital Province has more import routes than other provinces, the exact number is mainly defined by the nation's country rank. Having a surpluss of 1 unit is also way more valuable. See Capital Surpluss below.
  • Creating a trade route costs Wealth 15 gold.
  • Exporting brings the exporting province Wealth gold/month from commerce, depending on the target province: 0.20 (foreign province) or 0.05 (own province). This is heavily changed by provincial and nationwide modifiers.
  • The first trade good a province has can never be traded away. Only tradegoods beyond that - the surpluss - can be traded away.
  • The modifier type applied to the importing province or country depends on the amount of said good in that province and the.

Applied modifier type

A trade good has 4 modifier types. The modifier which is being applied depends on the amount of a goods' type and where it is exported from or imported to. Modifies can be province or nation wide.

  • Province - A one time modifier which is applied to the entire province if at least one unit of a certain trade good is present in that province. It does not stack - additional instance of this good will produce the surplus bonuses and be avalible for trade instead. A province having this bonus can be anywhere between uselss (Wood in a landlocked province) to absolutely worth importing it.
  • Province surplus - If a province has more then 1 of any given tradegoode after trading, that is a surpluss. These extra instances usually provide a weaker version of the original Province bonus or a otherwise related bonus. While these modifiers stack, it is in most cases better to not pursue them - this bonus is little more then a consolation prize if there is no place to export the good to. However with food or very specialized provinces there can be exceptions.
  • Capital surplus - The first surpluss tradegoode of any type in the Capitol Province will apply this bonus in addition to the normal Province Surpluss. This Bonus is nation wide, but does not stack. This is a rare case where it is generally beneficcial to have 2 instances of any tradegoode in a province. It is often worth importing goods for this bonus and the primary reason Capitol Provinces get so many additional trade routes.
  • Exportation - If a surpluss is exported to another nation, this is the bonus received. This is generally a weaker version of the Capitol surpluss, it does not stack but is also Nation wide. While not worth pursing over the Capital Surpluss, it can be a worthwhile addition or consolation price if no Capitol Import Routes are avalible.