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Laws can be enacted to tailor your nation to its needs with the aid of bonuses. Any law change has a base cost of 15 Stability.png stability and 35 Political influence.png political influence, though this can be reduced. Monarchies can pass a law at any time, provided they can afford its cost and meet its requirements. With the Republic government type, you will first need to let the Senate vote on the law first. If their is adequate support, 60 or more senators, you only have to pay the base cost. With midling support, between and 60 senators, you must pay +5Tyranny tyranny. If there are less than supporters the law cannot be changed.

Types of Laws

Each type of government has its own set of laws.


Succession Laws

Law Name Effects Desc
Agnatic Primogeniture Eldest male child of the ruler is the primary heir. Women are excluded. Agnatic succession dictates that the eldest male child always inherits the throne. This is a simple and ancient system, but can often result in young monarchs, bloody politics, and a lack of viable successors.
Agnatic-Cognatic Primogeniture Same as Agnatic Primogeniture, but women are allowed to inherit if there is no male in the line of succession. The principle of cognatic succession, is to allow female children of a monarch to succeed to the throne if there are no valid male heirs. This can affect the perceived legitimacy of a dynasty, but will greatly decrease the chances of a failed succession.
Agnatic Seniority The brothers of the ruler have priority before the ruler's sons. Agnatic Seniority is rarer form of patrilineal succession, in which the reigning monarch's younger brothers are higher in the order of succession than his sons. This can often result in huge webs of rivalry and myriad claimants to the throne.
Familial Marriage The eldest child of the ruler, no matter its gender, will be the heir. Sibling marriage is allowed. In this manner of succession, the eldest child of the ruler will be the primary heir, regardless of gender. In order to secure a strong, legitimate bloodline, however, it becomes commonplace for royal siblings to intermarry, thus avoiding any chance for the lineage to be sullied.

Maritime Laws

Law Name Effects Desc
Slave Draft Manpower Recovery Speed: +5% Manpower recovery speed.png Crewing our fleet solely with slaves, relieves the burden of paying free men. Additionally, slaves seem to perform much better with the threat of execution.
Non-Interference Edict National Commerce Income: +15% (unrecognized string “commerce modifier” for Template:Icon)
Monthly General Loyalty: -0.05 (unrecognized string “monthly loyalty” for Template:Icon)
Monthly Governor Loyalty: +0.05 (unrecognized string “monthly loyalty” for Template:Icon)
The seas bring fortune, as well as misery. By declaring that our state rescinds all protection to traders, we may see in an increase in piracy, but also in profits. We don't care who brings us trade, only that it gets here.
Anti-Piracy Edict Monthly General Loyalty: +0.05 (unrecognized string “monthly loyalty” for Template:Icon)
Monthly Governor Loyalty: -0.05 (unrecognized string “monthly loyalty” for Template:Icon)
Anti-Piracy Casus Belli: YES (unrecognized string “piracy” for Template:Icon)
Piracy has, for long, been a tolerated evil. Now that our naval capability has reached a tipping point, we should aim to protect shipping in our waters, by providing state protection.

Economic Laws

Law Name Effects Desc
Simple Land Tithe National Tax: +5% The vast complexities of most taxation systems are not always the most efficient use of our bureaucracy. Instituting a flat tithe on land may not be the most lucrative option, but it certainly doesn't have any major drawbacks.
Capitation Tax National Tax: +10%
National Freeman Happiness: -5%
Known as a 'Head Tax', this model of taxation is a flat rate levied on every adult, or adult male, in any given locality.
Infrastructure Policy National Population Growth: +0.02%
Build Cost: +20%
It may be a significant investment, but the improvements offered by a detailed program of public works, including sanitation, living conditions, and meeting places, will boost growth in our urban centers.
Exemption for Nobility Monthly Loyalty: +0.1
Monthly Corruption: +0.05
Taxes are a drain on the lifestyle of our most loyal and prominent subjects. It will not be popular, but abolishing all forms of tax on the nobility will surely earn us gratitude in some most unexpected places.

Domestic Laws

Law Name Effects Desc
Courts for Landowners National Citizen Happiness: +5% A common practice to appease smallholders, involved setting up a series of district courts to handle domestic disputes. Known as dicasteries to the Greeks, these were often established in foreign lands as a matter of course.
Minority Legal Systems Wrong Culture-Group Happiness: +10%
Monthly Governor Loyalty: -0.05
By allowing tribal peoples and minorities to apply for the right to limited self-rule, we enable them to exist outside the local governmental authorities.
Ratify Debt Slavery Slave Needed for Surplus: -1
National Freeman Happiness: -20%
The practice of debt slavery is truly an evil, but one required both to keep the lower classes in line and to fulfill our need for basic labor.
Relax Citizenship Status Citizen Promotion Cost: -50%
National Citizen Output: -10%
As our state grows ever larger, it becomes apparent that we are unable to rely solely on ancient and noble families to make up the lofty echelons of society. Relaxing the requirements to obtain full citizenship, however, may anger those lucky enough to already possess it.

Religious Laws

Law Name Effects Desc
Tolerance Policy Unrest: -1 The various peoples of our realm have numerous deities, spirits, and pantheons, to which they pray. As long as we can continue to co-exist with each other, there is no need to change the status quo.
Tribal Integration Convert Pop Cost: -40%
National Tribesman Output: -50%
The wild and uncivilized people in the far reaches of our lands should be encouraged to integrate with the state; perhaps by proselytising, we might encourage them to become valuable members of society.
State Sponsored Religion Omen Duration: +15%
Monthly High Priest Loyalty: -0.1
State encouraged faiths, cults, and religions such as Serapism in Egypt and Buddhism under Ashoka, became increasingly prevalent during antiquity. The establishment of such institutions, gave the state unprecedented control over religion.
Divinity Statute Ruler Popularity Gain: +0.1
Monthly High Priest Loyalty: +0.1
Few can deny the godly stature of our long lineage of rulers. The power and authority they wield, have become things of legend; even our neighbors are in awe. It is only right that we proclaim what we have long suspected: that our rulers are equal to gods themselves!

Contract Laws

Law Name Effects Desc
No Contract Laws National Freeman Happiness: +5% The absence of any formal contract and documentation laws, will earn us nothing, however, it is certain to please those who engage in domestic trade.
Transaction Tax National Commerce Income: +5%
National Freeman Happiness: -5%
The wild and uncivilized people in the far reaches of our lands should be encouraged to integrate with the state; perhaps by proselytizing, we might encourage them to become valuable members of society.
Public Notaries National Commerce Income: +10%
Monthly Governor Loyalty: -0.05
Rather than requiring vast numbers of witnesses to every contract, we should establish a bureau of public officials to oversee matters. This will certainly be cheaper, if more prone to trouble.
Tiered Bureaucracy Provincial Loyalty: +0.1
Power Cost: +2.5%
The vast bureaucracies of the Ptolemys, Mauryas, and later, Rome, could massively increase the cost of performing even the simplest of actions at a state level. They were, however, renowned at record keeping and information dispersal.

Military Reforms

Law Name Effects Desc
Nobility Admission Law National Citizen Happiness: +10%
National Manpower: -10%
Our soldiers are drawn only from the very best. The sons of our most renowned families strive to protect our nation.
Martial Education National Manpower: +10%
National Citizen Happiness: -10%
The needs of our growing state can no longer be filled by the nobility alone; by admitting free men to the lower ranks of our forces, and militarizing appropriate social strata, we greatly increase our pool of available bodies.
Professional Generals Monthly General Loyalty: +0.1
Monthly Wage: +10%
The coffers of our nation overflow - it seems only right to reward our greatest generals with unending riches; in return for their continued loyalty.
Mercenary Contract Decree Mercenary Maintenance: -15%
National Manpower: -15%
Our nation, rolling in wealth, has become a haven for foreign soldiers looking for work. Why should we risk our own people in defense of our home, when others will fight for us?

Authority Reforms

Law Name Effects Desc
Renowned Lineage Monthly Legitimacy: +0.05 Throughout history, ambitious monarchs have tried desperately to link their royal houses to famous or legendary figures. At points, every one of the Diadochi claimed to be the rightful heir to Alexander - we should proclaim our grand heritage, and take our rightful place in history.
Sponsored Scholars Research Points: +10% In keeping with our noble scholarly traditions, we must provide incentives for foreign scholars to pursue their craft in our nation.
Re-minting Policy National Tax: +10% Now that we are able to, we should decree that all old coins in our nation must be handed in and re-minted with our own ruler's likeness, both increasing our authority, and re-balancing our currency.
Royal Bureaucracy Monthly Legitimacy: +0.1
National Freeman Happiness: -10%
Through institutional continuity and a strong bureaucracy we will create a kingdom where our dynasty is so ingrained that the very thought of this country functioning without us will be impossible.


Military Reforms

Law Name Effects Desc
Noble Elite Morale of Armies: +5%
Manpower Recovery Speed +5%
Our warriors are in good company, knowing that their commanders and brethren are all of the upper echelons of society.
Provisioning Act Monthly War Exhaustion: -0.04
Army Maintenance Cost -15%
Our soldiers have long been used to providing their own armor and weaponry, however, this amendment would see them provide or otherwise pay, for supplies and training.
Draft Act National Manpower: +10%
Ship Damage Done: +10%
In times of peril, we must open the ranks of the military to the lowly serfs, commoners, and in extreme circumstances, slaves, to bolster our mighty forces.
Military Modernization Manpower Recovery Speed: +20%
Discipline: +5%
This act proposes a drastic overhaul of the logistical and administrative divisions within our armies. Such an undertaking must not be considered lightly, but if we do not grasp the chance, our neighbors surely will.

Republic (Roman version)