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The below is a collection of PDX video tutorials for Imperator: Rome.

The 2.0 Marius update[edit | edit source]

Imperator: Rome - Military Reworked. How military recruitment works in the new Marius update. Levies, legions, traditions, and more have been overhauled in this massive free update. Revisit the ancient world and conquer it with your new military might!
Imperator: Rome - Warfare Reformed. The art of warfare and how your armies can win wars in Imperator: Rome. Use strategy and tactics to overcome your enemies and conquer the known world!
Imperator: Rome - Economy and Trade Rebuilt. An overview of how economy and trade work in Imperator: Rome! Although most of these changes happened in previous free updates, anyone who wants to dive back into Imperator will appreciate the changes.
Imperator: Rome - Characters & Inventions. Now it's time to dive into Characters and Inventions and find out what has been reworked with free updates since Imperator released. Your characters will shape your entire empire, so choose wisely who you put at the helm.
Imperator: Rome - Culture and Religion Remade. Now it's time to dive into Culture and Religion and find out what has been reworked with free updates since Imperator released

The 1.5 Menander update[edit | edit source]

IR Tutorial 1: Welcome to Imperator. A first of a five-part series tutorial designed to help you understand the basics of Imperator: Rome. In this tutorial, we will review the fundamentals, including how to navigate and understand the UI and resources.
IR Tutorial 2: Provinces and Population. In part 2, we will cover how to rule your empire, and take a look at your nation's provinces, population, culture, and religion.
IR Tutorial 3: Politics and Diplomacy. In part 3 we will cover the ins and outs of politics and diplomacy. We also take an in-depth look at our government's administration, international relations, trade, and technological development.
IR Tutorial 4: War and Peace. In the fourth tutorial, we will cover the basics of war and diplomacy. We will showcase the variety of ways in which your empire can expand, and how to best guide your armies to military victory.
IR Tutorial 5: Overview of 1.5 Menander Update. In this guide, we will take an in-depth look at all of the features included with the 1.5 Menander update.

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