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Imperator: Rome tutorial #5 - Characters.
The character view, provides ways to interact with character as well as showing summary view of family, rivals and friends.

Additional and separate from pops, Imperator: Rome defines individual characters. The characters in Imperator are deeply detailed, and together with the pops and the politics are part of what makes a vibrant living world. They have portraits that age gradually, with lots of different ethnicities covering the world. The characters act as rulers, advisors, admirals and generals



There are 4 primary stats and many more secondary stats that all characters have.


Main article: Attributes
  •   Martial represents a character's ability to fight and lead troops. Characters with high martial skills make excellent generals.
  •   Finesse represents a character's skill in disciplines requiring a high attention to detail. High finesse characters make excellent governors.
  •   Charisma is a character’s ability to charm and persuade others.
  •   Zeal is a character's ability to inspire faith in other characters, and also in calling upon the favour of the gods.


These values are all dynamic (i.e. they are accumulated, meaning they can grow and shrink over time).

  •   Prominence represents the fame of the character. Jobs and titles help bring characters to public attention.
  •   Popularity is a measure of how the people see the character. In republics high popularity characters are more likely to elected leader of the republic. However even monarchies cannot ignore popular people.
  •   Loyalty is a measure of a character's loyalty to the state. Disloyal characters are more likely to cause problems to a ruler than loyal ones. However even the most loyal of characters has their limit.
  •   Corruption is a measurement of this character’s willingness to engage in underhanded practices. Greed, bribery and the bending of rules come hand-in-hand with high corruption.
  •           Predilection: Every adult character (in a republic) has a predilection for each of the 5 senatorial factions. The current value is the sum of the total accumulated predilection so far. The amount gained (or lost) per month depends on the character's primary attributes and in case of the mercantile faction on his personal wealth as well.


  The Health stat of a character ranges from 0 to 100, and is increased or decreased by various traits. If the health of a character reaches 0, that character will die. Using the Seek Treatment character interaction will increase the health of the character with a chance of permanently injuring the character.

  Wealth: Every character can accumulate money.


All characters are members of a family.
Characters also have parents and may have a spouse or children.
They can also have friends and rivals.


Characters can be given various roles. Besides being ruler of a country, they could be assigned to govern a province, command an army, handle research or be given a role in the government. Some countries allow women to be given offices, and some do not.

Roles in the government include:

  • Consul
  • Praetor
  • Censor
  • Tribunus Militus (Military Tribune)
  • Vulnerarius

(The names used are faction specific)


Traits can be categorized in the following categories:

  • Personality - This includes being Brave or Coward, Cruel or Merciful. These impacts the character attributes and stats directly, as well as...
  • Military - Usually a character has a maximum of one of those, that may give a bonus or penalty.
  • Health - Stressed, Maimed, Lunatic etc. Not beneficial to the character in most cases.
  • Status - Some exceptional traits that can be given from actions, like Conqueror.

Personality traitsEdit

Trait Personal Ruler Governor General Opposites Description & Notes
  Abrasive   Max Rivals: +1   Tributary Opinion of Us: −5   Good Natured Some people just can't get along with anyone.

  •   Prominence: +20
  •   Finesse: +1
  Content Whereas some view the ladder to the top as a challenge, [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] prefers to see it as firewood.

Characters with this trait will be more likely to murder their way to the top.

  Arbitrary   Finesse: −1   Diplomatic Relations: −1   Just When it really comes down to it, does anyone really care what is right or wrong?

  •   Prominence: +10
  •   Charisma: −1
  Power Costs: +1%   Modest [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] is quite simply the best at everything [CHARACTER.GetSheHe] puts [CHARACTER.GetHerHis] hand to.

  Assertive   Monthly Prominence: +0.05   National Commerce Income: +5%   Local Commerce Income: +5%   Submissive Quick in thought, word and deed, [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] knows the best way to navigate most situations.

  Benefactor   Monthly Popularity: +0.05   National Slaves Happiness: +5%   Local Slaves Happiness: +10%   Harsh Whilst there may be no such thing as true altruism, [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] comes awfully close.

  Blunt   Charisma: −1   Improve Opinion Maximum: −25%   Silver Tongued Sometimes, facts are just facts.

  Cautious   Martial: −1   Unit Reorganization Cost: −5%   Reckless Even the best laid plans can fail without due diligence.

  Chaste   Fertility: −20%   Lustful [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] considers [CHARACTER.GetHerHis] body an unassailable temple of virtue and honor. So does everyone else.

  •   Max Friends: −1
  •   Charisma: −1
  Assassinate Cost: −25%   Loving One could liken the heart of [CHARACTER.GetName] to the icy rocks upon which Prometheus was bound, and yet still be considered generous.

  •   Prominence: −10
  •   Finesse: −1
  Ambitious Ambition just doesn't come naturally to some. [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] is all the happier for it.

  Corrupt   Corruption: +10   National Tax: +10%   Enslavement Efficiency: +1%   Righteous One can go about things in the right way, or the profitable one. [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] knows the truth of the matter.

  •   Corruption: +20
  •   Finesse: +2
  Enslavement Efficiency: +2%   Guileless Wheedling, conniving, and cunning, may not be attractive qualities, but they're never unhelpful ones.

  Cruel   Charisma: −1   National Slaves Output: +5%   Local Slaves Output: +10%   Enslavement Efficiency: +3%   Merciful Suffering and productivity come hand in hand. That is, according to [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] at least.

Characters with this trait are more likely to murder their way to the top.

  •   Monthly Corruption: +0.05
  •   Finesse: +1
  Bribe Character Cost: −25%   Honest The truth may be honorable, but, at least according to [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen], it doesn't get you very far.

  Devout   Monthly Loyalty: +0.1
  •   Omen Power: +5%
  •   Invoke Devotio Cost: −5%
  Lapsed Prayer can be a source of hope in dark times. Luckily for [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen], it is often dark.

  •   Finesse: −2
  •   Monthly Loyalty: +0.05%
  Intelligent [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] was never one for the intellectual pursuits.

  •   Finesse: +1
  •   Martial: +1
  Lazy [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] always puts in double the effort - even when sleeping.

Characters with this trait will be able to commit certain acts like theft, gambling, and murder, more frequently.

  Foolish   Finesse: −1   Shrewd The only person unaware of just how gullible [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] is, seems to be [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] [CHARACTER.GetHerselfHimself].

  •   Charisma: +1
  •   Finesse: −1
  Monthly Tyranny: −0.05   Vengeful No crime, no barbed insult, or any manner of offense, is too great for the clemency of [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen].

  Founder   Monthly Loyalty: +10%   Build Cost: −10%   Local Citizens Output: +10%   Incapable [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] has vision the likes of which has not been seen since the days of Solomon, Romulus, or the great Pharaohs of old.

  Generous   Monthly Popularity: +0.05   National Citizens Happiness: +5%   Local Unrest: −1
  •   Selfish
  •   Miserly
The simple act of aiding others, is often reward enough for [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen].

  Good Natured   Max Friends: +1   Tributary Opinion of Us: +5   Abrasive A pleasant demeanor and polite acknowledgments go a long way towards making friends.

  Greedy   Charisma: −1   Local Population Growth: +2%   Self-controlled Nobody would ever dare accuse [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] of moderation or self-control.

Referred to in game code as gluttonous.

  •   Monthly Corruption: −0.1
  •   Finesse: −2
  Crafty It's worrying when even the sheep can pull wool over one's eyes.

  Harsh   Monthly Popularity: −0.05   National Slaves Output: +5%   Local Slaves Output: +10%   Benefactor While many would employ a mild punishment to fit a mild crime, [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] considers mild punishment a crime in itself.

Characters with this trait will be more likely to murder their way to the top.

  Honest   Monthly Corruption: −0.05   National Tribesmen Output: +5%   Deceitful Even the thought of deception is enough to confuse [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen].

Characters with this trait will never accept a bribe.

  Humble   Charisma: +1   Tribute Income: −1%   Local Freemen Output: +5%   Proud A healthy respect for one's own place in the grand scheme of things, is what keeps [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] going.

  Incapable   Monthly Prominence: −0.1   Ruler Popularity Gain: −10%   Local Citizens Output: −5%   Founder Some people, you just can't trust to do anything right.

  Intelligent   Finesse: +1   Monthly Governor Loyalty: +0.05%   Dumb A mind like no other can solve problems beyond our understanding. A mind like no other, can also create them.

  Jealous   Charisma: −1   Smear Reputation Cost: −25%   Secure Never quite happy with [CHARACTER.GetHerHis] lot in life, [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] takes more than a little pleasure in coveting the possessions of others.

  Just   Finesse: +1   Local Unrest: −1   Arbitrary [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] has become almost legendary for [CHARACTER.GetHerHis] calm, unbiased opinions.

  Kindly   National Freemen Output: +5%   Loyalty Gain Chance: +2%   Uncaring A truer soul there never was, than [CHARACTER.GetName].

  Lapsed   Monthly Loyalty: −0.05   Omen Power: −5%   Devout Once a fervent believer, [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] abandoned [CHARACTER.GetHerHis] faith long ago.

  •   Finesse: −1
  •   Martial: −1
  Energetic If a job is worth doing, [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] will not be the one to do it.

  •   Max Friends: +1
  •   Charisma: +1
  Diplomatic Relations: +1   Cold A warm heart and kind gaze can always be found with [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen].

  Lustful   Fertility: +20%   Chaste An amorous lifestyle has many benefits, and many drawbacks. [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] recognizes only the former.

  Merciful   Charisma: +1   National Freemen Happiness: +2.5%   Local Freemen Happiness: +5%   Enslavement Efficiency: −5%   Cruel Mercy can take many forms, and [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] knows them all.

  Miserly   Finesse: −1   National Tax: −10%   Local Tax: −10%   Generous To [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen], wealth is there to be owned; there just always seems to be more to collect.

  Modest   Monthly Popularity: +0.05   Power Costs: −1%   Arrogant The self-effacing attitude of [CHARACTER.GetName] has become a thing of local legend.

  Monotonous   Ruler Popularity Gain: −20% The harsh, grating sounds that occur whenever [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] opens [CHARACTER.GetHerHis] mouth, have been known to cause crowded rooms to become mysteriously empty.

  Narrow-minded   Finesse: −1
  •   National Tribesmen Happiness: +25%
  •   Technology Speed: −10%
  Scholar [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] has spent so long remembering the good old days, that any mention of progress causes instant suspicion.

  Obsessive   Zeal: +1   National Citizens Output: −5%   Local Research Points: −10%   Polymath When [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] puts [CHARACTER.GetHerHis] mind to a task, [CHARACTER.GetSheHe] could quite forget about anything as trivial as eating, sleeping or at times, breathing.

  Pious   Zeal: +1
  •   Call Omen Cost: −10%
  •   National Tax: −10%
  Skeptical The very gods above would struggle to find anything to complain about, looking at [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen].

  Plain-speaking   Diplomatic Reputation: +3   Sarcastic There are times when matters are just exactly what they seem. For [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen], that is all the time.

  Polymath   Zeal: −1   National Citizens Output: +5%   Local Research Points: +10%   Obsessive There are few subjects upon which [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] could not wax lyrical.

  Prominent   Prominence: +30   Local Commerce Income: +10%   Unnoticeable When [CHARACTER.GetName] speaks - people listen.

  Proud   Charisma: −1   Tribute Income: +10%   Local Fort Defense: +10%   Humble Hubris is warned of, in the Greek tales of old. It would seem that [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] never much cared for the theater.

  Rash   Finesse: −1   National Citizens Happiness: −5%   Wise Choices become a lot less complicated if one rushes blindly past them.

  Reckless   Martial: +1
  •   Aggressive Expansion Impact: +10%
  •   Warscore Cost: −10%
  Cautious [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] always has a plan. Curiously, it always seems to be the same one.

  Righteous   Corruption: −10   Aggressive Expansion Impact: −10%   Corrupt A singular purpose brooks no worldly distraction.

Characters with this trait will never accept a bribe.

  Sarcastic   Diplomatic Reputation: −3   Plain-speaking Literally everyone loves [CHARACTER.GetName].

  Scholar   Martial: −1   Technology Speed: +5%   Local Research Points: +10%   Narrow-minded [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] simply devours knowledge as it were a hearty meal. It seems to sustain [CHARACTER.GetHerHim] about as much, too.

  Secure   Charisma: +1   Monthly General Loyalty: +0.05   Jealous If [CHARACTER.GetName] had feathers, not even a divine thunderbolt could ruffle them.

  Self-controlled   Zeal: +1   Local Population Growth: −2%   Greedy A life of fulfillment, seems to [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] to lack all sense of purpose.

  Selfish   Monthly Popularity: −0.05   National Tax: −5%   Generous The most important thing in the world of [CHARACTER.GetName], is [CHARACTER.GetName].

  •   Finesse: +1
  •   Zeal: −1
  Mercenary Maintenance: −10%   Foolish Nobody fools [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] twice - if there's a path to a bargain, [CHARACTER.GetSheHe] will be the one to find it.

  Silver Tongued   Charisma: +1   Improve Opinion Maximum: +25%   Blunt Even the most skilled of diplomats would struggle to compare to [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen].

  Skeptical   Zeal: −1
  •   Call Omen Cost: +10%
  •   National Tax: +10%
  Pious Questioning everything can get tiring, don't you think?

  Stubborn   Monthly Popularity: −0.05   Local Fort Defense: +10%   Weak-willed The very wrath of the powers that be couldn't budge [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] after [CHARACTER.GetSheHe] has made up [CHARACTER.GetHerHis] mind.

  Submissive   Monthly Prominence: −0.05   National Commerce Income: −5%   Local Commerce Income: −5%   Assertive The meek aren't really due to inherit anything, just yet.

  Suspicious   Max Rivals: +1   Imprison Cost: −25%   Trusting [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] knows exactly who's out to get [CHARACTER.GetHerHim]. Everyone that isn't called [CHARACTER.GetName].

  Tolerant   Zeal: −1   Wrong Culture-Group Happiness: +10%   Zealous People from all walks of life can find an unbiased listener, in [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen].

  Trusting   Max Rivals: −1   Monthly Tyranny: −0.05   Suspicious To give others the benefit of the doubt, one first must doubt them. [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] never quite reaches that first step.

  Uncaring   National Freemen Output: −5%   Loyalty Gain Chance: −2%   Kindly The world could fold in on itself tomorrow, for all [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] cares.

  Unnoticeable   Prominence: −30   Local Commerce Income: −10%   Prominent When [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] speaks - who is [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] anyway?

  •   Finesse: +1
  •   Charisma: −1
  Assassinate Cost: −20%   Forgiving Nothing can stand between [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] and those that have wronged [CHARACTER.GetHerHim].

Characters with this trait will be more likely to murder their way to the top.

  Weak-willed   Monthly Prominence: −0.1   Local Fort Defense: −10%   Stubborn The only thing stopping [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] from simply laying down to die, is indecision.

  Wise   Finesse: +1   National Citizens Output: +5%   Rash Simply having knowledge is not enough; understanding how to apply it, shows true wisdom.

  Zealous   Zeal: +1   Wrong Culture-Group Happiness: −10%   Tolerant A raging fire burns in the heart of [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen], fueled by the spirit of religious mystery.

Military traitsEdit

A character can usually have only one military trait.

Trait Personal General Opposites Description & Notes
  Aggressive   Martial: +1
  •   Heavy Infantry Discipline: +5%
  •   War Elephants Discipline: +5%
Tempered by war, [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] sees [CHARACTER.GetHerHis] formations as a shining sword to thrust into the very heart of the enemy.

  Brave   Martial: +1
  •   Morale of Armies: +5%
  •   Loyalty Gain Chance: +2%
  Coward [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] stares danger in the face, and knows victory.

Coastal Raider Monthly Wealth: +1
  • Liburnian Discipline: +5%
  • Trireme Discipline: +5%
Shows superlative skill in knowing the ebb and flow of the tide. Such a skill comes in handy when taking advantage of certain underhanded business opportunities.

  Confident   Martial: +1
  •   Heavy Cavalry Discipline: +5%
  •   Chariots Discipline: +5%
Trusting one's instincts is the first step towards mastery.

  Coward   Martial: −1
  •   Morale of Armies: -5%
  •   Loyalty Gain Chance: −2%
  Brave To [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen], living to fight another day is vastly preferable to death, honorable or otherwise.

  Disciplined   Martial: +1   Discipline: +5% Nothing is more important to [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] than holding the line.

Oarmaster   Martial: +1 Naval Movement Speed: +10% Knows just how to squeeze every last ounce of energy out of a rowdy team of oarsmen.

  Original Thinker   Martial: +1   Siege Ability: +10% The logistics of warfare require a certain innovativeness which [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] seems to possess.

Princeps   Finesse: +1
  • Octareme Discipline: +5%
  • Mega-Polyreme Discipline: +5%
Longs to display the mastery of man over nature. Has a natural flair for the logistics and command associated with keeping things ship-shape.

Sea Dog   Martial: +1 Ship Capture Chance: +10% A life at sea is all [character] longs for. Others may call [him/her] a buccaneer - but well; they're not far wrong.

  Tactically Inflexible   Martial: −1   Reinforcement Speed: −10% Supply lines, routes of retreat, and all-round good planning, mean nothing to [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen].

  Tactician   Martial: +1
  •   Archers Discipline: +5%
  •   Light Infantry Discipline: +5%
  •   Horse Archers Discipline: +5%
Whereas some just see a whirling melee, [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] sees patterns, weaknesses, and ultimately - victory.

  Steadfast   Martial: +1
  •   Heavy Infantry Discipline: +5%
  •   War Elephants Discipline: +5%
The resolve of [CHARACTER.GetName] has become so renowned, that it permeates the very forces [CHARACTER.GetSheHe] commands.

Health traitsEdit

Health traits represent various health conditions, mostly detrimental and sometimes fatal.

Trait Personal Ruler Congenital Description & Notes
  •   Finesse: −1
  •   Martial: −1
  Often dismissed as the natural decline of the body, arthritis was prevalent throughout the world. Stiffness, joint damage, and pain, were among the common symptoms.

  Barren   Fertility: −10   The loss of ability to conceive was a terrible affliction for a woman of childbearing age.

  Blind   Finesse: −3   Blindness could be inherent at birth, or caused by a number of virulent diseases. In certain cultures, the blind were revered as holy.

  Bloody Flux
  •   Martial: −4
  •   Finesse: −4
  •   Zeal: +1
  •   Health: −4
  Hemorrhagic fever ravaged the Mediterranean empires and beyond, at various points in history. Often fatal, it was accompanied by vomiting, necrosis, and often fatal internal hemorrhaging.

Called hemorrhagic_fever in game code.

  Brain Damaged
  •   Charisma: −3
  •   Martial: −3
  •   Finesse: −3
  •   Zeal: −3
  •   Health: −0.3
  Brain damage is a terrible affliction that can render the victim a shell of their former self. Resulting from many inflammatory or physical injuries, the bearer will require usually require constant care during the time they have left.

  •   Charisma: −2
  •   Finesse: −2
  •   Zeal: −2
  •   Martial: −2
  •   Health: −2
  Cancer comes in many forms, and is a death sentence to those who acquire it.

  Castrated   Fertility: −10   Performed as a punishment, extreme treatment, and even as a method of altering the class of a slave, castration removed or suppressed the ability for a male to conceive.

  •   Charisma: −2
  •   Finesse: −2
  •   Zeal: −2
  •   Martial: −2
  •   Health: −2
  Dementia eats away at the mind, rendering the sufferer a shadow of their former self.

  •   Charisma: −1
  •   Finesse: −1
  •   Health: −0.1
  Depression looms like a dark cloud over [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen], even sadness seems to be out of reach. Every action is mechanical; every word uttered, is an act. All [CHARACTER.GetSheHe] recognizes, is the emotionless caricature of what it is to live.

  Diphtheria   Health: −2   Dementia eats away at the mind, rendering the sufferer a shadow of their former self.

  •   Martial: −1
  •   Charisma: −1
  •   Health: −0.5
  An intestinal complaint, dysentery when treated properly, was often manageable. Dehydration however, would often cause serious complications, and could result in death, especially around sources of contaminated water.

  •   Finesse: −1
  •   Zeal: +2
  •   Health: −0.2
  Diplomatic Reputation: −1   The sacred disease is bound to shorten the life of [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen], but [CHARACTER.GetHerHis] faith is bolstered by it.

  Fair   Max Friends: +1   Blessed with Olympian beauty, [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] has grown used to turning heads.

  •   Martial: −1
  •   Health: −0.05
  Frailty could be caused by any number of inherited ailments, and would often affect an individual throughout their life, rendering them weaker than their peers, and often more likely to contract further illnesses.

  •   Martial: −3
  •   Finesse: −3
  •   Health: −3
  A necrotic infection of tissue without adequate blood supply, gangrene can set in after grievous injuries, exposure to extreme cold, and internal complications.

  •   Finesse: −1
  •   Martial: −1
  •   Health: −1
  Gout, often associated with those of lavish lifestyle, causes chronic pain, amongst more serious complications.

  Hunchback   Martial: −1   Physical deformities prevent [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] from enjoying some pleasures in life.

  •   Charisma: −2
  •   Finesse: −1
  •   Martial: −1
  •   Fertility: −30%
  •   Health: −0.1
  Generations of inbreeding can have... unexpected results.

  Invalid   Martial: −3   Incapable of more than the most basic movement, [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] has to rely on [CHARACTER.GetHerHis] mind for adventure.

  Infection   Health: −0.2   The early stages of an ailment are the hardest to recognize. Whilst it may prove to be minor, it could also develop into something much more serious.

  •   Finesse: −1
  •   Charisma: −1
  Swelling and inflammation were common complaints. Often symptomatic of future health problems, tenderness and pain were the primary complaints.

  •   Fertility: −1
  •   Health: −0.5
  •   Monthly Popularity: −0.2
  Lepers are shunned by society at large; the horrific disease slowly eats away at flesh until little remains.

  Limp   Martial: −2   An old pain prevents [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] from enjoying full mobility.

  Lisp   Finesse: −1   A minor speech impediment can sometimes cause [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] a great deal of stress.

  •   Martial: −2
  •   Finesse: −2
  •   Charisma: +2
  •   Zeal: +2
  •   Health: −0.2
  [CHARACTER.GetName] is, in no uncertain terms, stark raving bonkers.

  Maimed   Martial: −2   Horrifying injuries scar [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] from head to toe.

  •   Health: −0.1
  •   Charisma: −2
  •   Finesse: +2
  Unbridled fury leads to moments of utter calm; [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] is about as predictable as the ocean.

Called schizophrenic in game code.

  Mentagra   Charisma: −2   A mysterious disease, thought to have been spread by kissing and bodily contact, Mentagra displayed a facial rash, with sores and severe discomfort.

  •   Charisma: −2
  •   Zeal: −2
  •   Health: −0.2
  The loss of a loved one can cut deeper than any physical wound.

  One-Eyed   Martial: −1   Losing sight in one eye could radically alter depth perception. Antigonus, founder of the Antigonid dynasty, acquired the moniker 'Monopthalmus' after losing an eye in battle.

  •   Martial: −4
  •   Health: −0.3
  Partial paralysis could result from a variety of sources, including nerve or brain damage.

  Plague   Health: −2   Plague is spoken of only in whispers; even the suspicion of it is often a death sentence.

  Pneumonia   Health: −1   Lung diseases were commonplace, due in part, to the quality of air in built up areas. Whilst many cases would come and go, the propensity for them to develop into life threatening conditions, made lung disease a subversive killer.

  •   Charisma: −2
  •   Fertility: −20%
  •   Health: −0.1
  Venereal diseases were common in the ancient world. Whilst some had not yet fully developed, others were well documented, and curiously, often thought to be curable by increased sexual activity.

  Seeking Treatment   Health: +0.05   Medicine is a mysterious art, but surely anything is better than suffering.

  Stressed   Finesse: −1   Sometimes enough is enough; for [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen], that time came about nine months after conception.

  Stutter   Charisma: −1   Public speaking is particularly challenging for [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen].

  •   Charisma: −1
  •   Fertility: −20%
  [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] has never had much luck with love.

  •   Martial: −1
  •   Health: −0.1
  [CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] bears a grievous injury from times past.

Status traitsEdit

Status traits represent a character's current activities, lifestyle, reputation, or heritage.

Trait Personal Ruler General Description & Notes
  Blood of Antigonus
  •   Prominence: +20
  •   Finesse: +1
  •   Aggressive Expansion Change: −0.1
  •   Fort Defense: +10%
Antigonus Monopthalmus was a loyal Satrap of Alexander, who rose to power after defeating Perdiccas, soon after Alexander's death. The very first of the Diadochi to proclaim himself King, he was supported by his loyal family, and established a good reputation amongst smaller, less capable Greek nations.

Given to members of the Phrygian Antigonid dynasty at game start, and inherited patrilineally. Called antigonids in game code.

  Blood of Antipatros
  •   Prominence: +20
  •   Charisma: +1
  •   Build Cost: −10%
  •   Monthly Legitimacy: +0.05
A great friend of Alexander, Antipater was responsible for safeguarding Macedonia during Alexander's great campaigns. His loyalty to Alexander, and domineering attitude towards the lesser Greek states was tempered by his son, Cassander, whose contempt of Alexander was no secret, and whose legacy included the founding and restoration of many great cities.

Given to members of the Macedonian Antipatrid dynasty at game start, and inherited patrilineally. Called antipatrid in game code.

  Blood of the Argeads
  •   Prominence: +20
  •   Martial: +1
  •   Aggressive Expansion Impact: −10%
  •   Monthly Legitimacy: +0.05
Alexander wept when he heard from Anaxarchus that there was an infinite number of worlds; and when his friends asked him if any accident had befallen him, returned this answer: "Do you not think it a matter worthy of lamentation that when there is such a vast multitude of them, we have not yet conquered one?"

Given to Thessalonike Argead, wife of Basileus Cassander of Macedon, at game start, and inherited by her descendants born after game start. Called argeads in game code.

  Blood of the Lagidae
  •   Prominence: +20
  •   Zeal: +1
  •   Wrong Culture-Group Happiness: +15%
  •   Research Points: +5%
Having grown up alongisde Alexander, Ptolemy Soter of the Lagidae, was amongst the first of the seven Somatophylakes. After the partition of Babylon, he settled in Egypt, ruling with a fair hand; despite the vast population of differing cultures. His long-standing dynasty was regarded as highly influential in the patronage of art, philosophy, and science.

Given to members of the Egyptian Lagid dynasty at game start, and inherited patrilineally. Called lagids in game code.

  Blood of Lysimachus
  •   Prominence: +20
  •   Martial: +1
  •   Diplomatic Reputation: +1
  •   Execute Cost: −25%
Once a close friend of Alexander, and one of the legendary Somatophylakes; Lysimachus was a brutal yet cunning general, whose grasp of the tense diplomatic situation between the Diadochi was second to none.

Given to members of the Thracian Alcimachid dynasty at game start, and inherited patrilineally. Called alcimachid in game code.

  Blood of Seleucus
  •   Prominence: +20
  •   Finesse: +1
  •   Change Governor Policy Cost: −25%
  •   Monthly Corruption: −5%
Unlike the other Diadochi, Seleucus was a person of only mediocre importance during Alexander's campaigns. After a string of victories and defeats, Seleucus finally established his domain with the help of Ptolemy Soter, and embarked on a campaign to regain control of the eastern parts of Alexander's empire. Surrounded on every side by titanic powers, Seleucus was, by necessity, a ruthless and cunning leader.

Given to members of the Seleucid dynasty of Persia at game start, and inherited patrilineally. Called seleucids in game code.

  Conqueror   Prominence: +10   Tributary Opinion of Us: +5   Assault Ability: +10% Like so many before [CHARACTER.GetHerHim], [CHARACTER.GetName] bears the title of Conqueror - and the responsibility that lies with it.

Random chance to be granted to a general after victory in battle.

  Orator   Charisma: +1
  •   Senate Influence: +0.1
  •   Monthly Legitimacy: +0.1
The mere timbre of the silken words that [CHARACTER.GetName] speaks, can stop others in their tracks.

  Olympic Competitor
  •   Monthly Loyalty: +0.2
  •   Cannot be given jobs in government, political office or military command
[CHARACTER.GetName] is here to compete in the Olympics, and is focusing all his energy on sporting events.

Given to all characters who are chosen to participate in the Olympics.

  •   Martial: −1
  •   Charisma: +1
  Improve Opinion Maximum: +10% The mere timbre of the silken words that [CHARACTER.GetName] speaks, can stop others in their tracks.

  •   Prominence: +20
  •   Monthly Popularity: +0.1
[CHARACTER.GetPraenomen] has become a byword for glory - long may [CHARACTER.GetSheHe] vanquish [CHARACTER.GetHerHis] foes!

Random chance to be granted to a general after victory in battle.


There are lots of different interactions you can do with and on your characters, including arranging marriages, bribe them, loan from them, or even sacrifice them if your religions so permit and desire. Interactions can cost gold and/or multiple other currency powers.

Interaction Description
Appoint Dictator Can be done to a ruler in a republic when at war or during a civil war. This will allow him to do any diplomatic or character interaction without the Senate interfering, at least until the end of the war.
Assassinate Foreign characters can be attempted to assassinate.
Banish Forces a previously imprisoned character to leave the country.
Bribe Increases the loyalty of a character.
Execute Kills a character.
Free Hands Increases loyalty and corruption if the character is a governor.
Hold Games Costs money and increases the popularity of the current ruler.
Hold Triumph Hold a Triumph in the name of a character with a recent (less than two years ago) victory. Has a chance to give a Cognomen
Imprison Imprisons a character.
Inspire Disloyalty Reduces the loyalty and increases the corruption of a foreign character.
Marry Ruler Works if the ruler and target are different genders and are both unmarried.
Recruit Gets a foreign character to leave their nation and work for you.
Recruit General Gets a foreign general to leave their nation with their army and join you.
Release Prisoner Releases a character from prison.
Sacrifice Prisoner Some religions allow you to sacrifice prisoners of war, making your tribesmen happy and productive and allowing you to stay tribal.
Seek/Stop Treatment Increases the health of a character.
Seduce Governor Convince a governor to join your cause.
Smear Character Reduces the popularity of a character.

Domestic policy Characters Attributes Culture Government Laws National ideas Rebellion Religion Technology
Economic policy Buildings Economy Population Trade Trade goods
Provinces Region Province Cities Colonization
Warfare Military traditions Army Land units Land warfare Naval warfare
Foreign policy Treaties Casus belli Diplomacy Subject nations