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This is the documentation page for Template:Mpos.
When it is viewed directly, links using variables may appear broken; do not replace these with hardcoded page names or URLs.

This template is used alongside the {{Mission tree}} template for easier construction of mission trees.


Parameter Notes Status
x The X axis variable of the mission (from 1 to 5) required
y The Y axis variable of the mission (from 1 to n) required
name The name of the mission (also used to generate an in-article link) required


{{mpos| x= <column aka "slot" in game files> | y= <row aka "position" in game files> | name= <name of mission -- also acts as in-page link> }}

Common mission branches

For placement of commonly used mission branches (regional, religious, etc.) it is possible to use {{mpos/gen|VARIABLE}}}} to generate the links.

Currently defined common branches are:

Variable Type For
generic Generic All 3 generic branches (adm, dip, mil)
africa Regional African nations
arabia Religious
Muslim nations (most of them)
asia Regional Asian nations
coptic Religious Coptic nations
europe Regional European nations
genadm Generic Generic administrative branch
gendip Generic Generic diplomatic branch
genmil Generic Generic military branch
hre Regional Holy Roman Empire member nations
native Regional
New World natives



  1. There are no limitations on the number of mission placements.
  2. Missions can be placed in any order though only once per location (the last one at that location taking effect).

For placement of individual missions:

  • {{mpos|x=1|y=1|name=Colonize Taiwan}}
  • {{mpos|x=2|y=6|name=Conquer Korea}}
  • {{mpos|x=5|y=3|name=Reclaim Transjurania}}

For placement of generic preset branches:

  • {{mpos/gen|generic}}
  • {{mpos/gen|coptic}}
  • {{mpos/gen|asia}}