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One item in a list of icons (achievements, disasters, etc.).

Parameter Description Status
1 (first unnamed parameter) Name of item required
2 (second unnamed parameter) In-game description of item required
3 (third unnamed parameter) set size of image in "px" optional (defaults to image size)
image Name of image file (without File:) optional (defaults to using the first parameter)
extension Set to the file extension of the achievement image. optional (defaults to .png, ignored if image is provided)
link Set to "on" to link to an article with the same name optional


{{Iconbox|Cincinnatus|Appoint a dictator as a Republic and have him step down.}}

Cincinnatus icon
Appoint a dictator as a Republic and have him step down.

{{Iconbox|Tribal Concord|Change a law in a Tribal country.|link=on|64px}}

Tribal Concord icon
Change a law in a Tribal country.