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This template creates an infobox that displays the main properties of a formable or releasable country in a compact form. It should be used on all pages for formable or releasable countries. Articles with this template are auto-categorized in Category:Countries.


All parameters are optional and (except for the name and flag) should only be added if the formable is in some way associated with that parameter, for instance if the capital is moved on formation or if the decision requires a certain culture or culture group.

Parameter Description Status Default value Possible values
Name name of the country optional {{PAGENAME}}
Flag flag of the country optional [[File:{{PAGENAME}}.png|330px]]
Culture Formable or primary culture (culture group) optional empty see: Culture#List_of_culture_groups. Should generally not exist with CultureGroup.
CultureGroup Formable culture group optional empty see: Culture#List_of_culture_groups. Should generally not exist with Culture.
Capital capital (id) optional empty see: List of provinces
Government form of government optional empty see: Government#Government_Types
Religion state religion optional empty see: Religion#Religions
Rank Country rank optional Migrant horde
  • Migrant horde
  • City state
  • Local power
  • Regional power
  • Major power
  • Great power
Traditions Military traditions optional empty
  • Levantine and Arabic
  • Barbarian
  • Greek
  • Indian
  • Italic
  • North African
  • Persian
Heritage the country's heritage optional empty see: Heritages. Only add for releasables, if the nation when released has a consistent heritage


This table may be added by copy-pasting the template as shown below at the top of the article page.

| Rank=
| Government=
| Culture=
| CultureGroup=
| Religion=
| Capital=
| Traditions=
| Heritage=

Updating this template

Leave a message on the talk page or message SolSys.


In the article about Egypt one would write:

| Name= Egypt
| Flag = [[File:Egypt (Formable).png|330px]]
| Rank = Major power
| Government = Theocratic Monarchy
| CultureGroup = Nilotic/Nubian
| Capital = Memphis (500)
| nocat = true

for the infobox on the right:

Major powerEgypt

Egypt (Formable).png

Culture Group

Capital province
Memphis (500)

Theocratic Monarchy