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This template creates an infobox that displays the main properties of a country in a compact form. It should be used on all county pages. Articles with this template are auto-categorized in Category:Countries.


Parameter Description Status Default value Possible values Notes
Name name of the country optional {{PAGENAME}}
Flag flag of the country optional [[File:{{PAGENAME}}.png|330px]] Not necessary unless the flag needs to be different from the pagename
Culture primary culture (culture group) required empty see: Culture#List_of_culture_groups
Capital capital (id) required empty see: Region
Government form of government required empty see: Government#Government_Types
Religion state religion required empty see: Religion#Religions
Rank Country rank optional Migrant horde
  • Migrant horde
  • City state
  • Local power
  • Regional power
  • Major power
  • Great power
Traditions Starting military traditions group required empty
  • Levantine
  • Barbarian
  • Greek
  • Indian
  • Italic
  • North African
  • Persian
If the country starts with multiple military tradition groups, use the one corresponding to the country's primary culture
Traditions2 Secondary starting military traditions group optional empty
  • Levantine
  • Barbarian
  • Greek
  • Indian
  • Italic
  • North African
  • Persian
Only if a country starts with both trees of a second military tradition group
OtherTradition Secondary individual military tradition tree optional empty
  • Celtic
  • Britannic
  • Greek Poleis
  • Greek Kingdom
  • Roman
  • Italic Tribe
  • Indian Kingdom
  • Indian Tribe
  • Punic
  • Numidian
  • Persian
  • Persian Rural
Only if a country starts with a single tree of a second military tradition group
Heritage the country's heritage optional {{PAGENAME}} see: Heritages. Only add if the nation does not have a country-specific heritage (Required to check for mod heritage)
Mod For pages about countries in mods optional empty see: Mods. Will add the page to the {{{Mod}}}/Countries category instead of Countries


This table may be added by copy-pasting the template as shown below at the top of the article page.

| Rank=
| Government=
| Culture=
| Religion=
| Capital=
| Traditions=

Updating this template

Leave a message on the talk page or message SolSys.


In the article about Rome one would write:

| Rank= Local power
| Government= Aristocratic Republic
| Culture= Roman (Italic)
| Religion= Hellenic
| Capital= Rome (1)
| Traditions= Italic

for the infobox on the right:

Flag of Rome Roman heritage

Integrate speed.png +0.10 Integration Speed
Levy.png +2.5% Levy Size Multiplier
Naval morale modifier.png −5% Morale of Navies

In the article about the mod country Nasamonia one would write:

| Rank=Local power
| Capital= Augila (8128)
| Culture = Nasamonian (Fezzani)
| Religion= Megalithic
| Government = [[Government#Tribal|Migratory Tribe]]
| Traditions= North African
| Heritage= Nasamonia
| Mod = Imperator Invictus

for the mod page banner and infobox:

Flag of Nasamonia Nasamonian heritage

Army movement speed.png +5% Army Movement Speed
Terrain desert.png +10% Desert Combat Bonus
Global population growth.png -0.02% National Population Growth