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This page lists some of the flavour events that trigger at the start of the game, giving some historical context to the nations they trigger for.[1]



Alexander the Great

In Babylon, 18 years ago, the Argead King Alexander died suddenly at the age of 32. In the five years preceding his death, his continuing military successes had reshaped the world as known to the Greeks; his Empire stretching, uninterrupted, from Egypt to the Indus.

The shock of Alexander's early death, and his lack of a chosen successor, sent shockwaves through the hierarchy of satraps and generals who attended him, splintering his empire into elements ruled by these potentates, styled as the Diadochi. For many years, they and their successors have been locked in a bitter struggle over the future of the empire, drawing all nations within their sphere of influence into the conflict.

The wars of the Diadochi will surely continue; perhaps it is up to [ROOT.GetCountry.GetName] to decide how they will end.

Trigger conditions
    • Greece
    • Asia
    • Cilicia
    • Galatia
    • Bithynia
    • Cappadocia
    • Assyria
    • Mesopotamia
    • Gedrosia
    • Persis
    • Media
    • Bactriana
    • Ariana
    • Parthia
    • Syria
    • Palestine
    • Cyrenaica
    • Upper Egypt
    • Lower Egypt
    • Thrace
    • Macedonia
    • Armenia
    • Colchis
  • Has not received this event before
Is triggered only by

On game start

Event button.png
The die is cast.

Sons of Tyre

An ancient and proud civilization, Carthage holds a firm grip on the southern coast of the Mediterranean. Numerous colonial dependencies lie in thrall to the maritime giant, dotted on the coast of Iberia, and on islands throughout the western parts of the sea.

The seafaring heritage of the Carthaginians remains unparalleled, extending territorial and economic dominance far and wide, however, the island of Sicily has remained a constant thorn in the side of the Carthaginian hegemony for many decades.

Agathokles, the self-styled Tyrant of Syracuse, still reigns in the eastern part of the island, having secured a tentative peace with Carthage, and prolonging Greek presence there, for the time being. Further north, the young and uncivilized Italic states wage bitter war on one another, though there are rumors that a once-insignificant state is emerging to challenge the balance of powers in Italy.

They call themselves Rome.

Trigger conditions
  • Is not AI-controlled
  • Is Flag of Carthage Carthage
  • Has not received this event before
Is triggered only by

On game start

Event button.png
Carthage shall endure.

Senatus Populusque Romanus

For over 20 years, the nascent Roman Republic has fought a harsh campaign against the Samnite people to the south. Although victory often seemed far from grasp, the war ended in Rome's favor, resulting in the liberation of the important Greek city of Neapolis. The Samnites, however, having retreated to lick their wounds, are far from defeated.

In the north, the Etruscan people eye the expansion of the Republic with apprehension; to the south, myriad Greek city-states plot behind one another's backs, all the while appealing to their benefactors in Greece, for aid. On the far flung island of Sicily, the foreign invasion of the mysterious Carthaginian Empire threatens to upset the precarious balance of power in the region.

Will Rome rise victorious; or fall to internal strife and barbaric hordes? The fate of the Republic rests in your hands.

Trigger conditions
  • Is Flag of Rome Rome
  • Has not received this event before
Is triggered only by

On game start

Event button.png
For the Republic!
  • Show the Giza Pyramid Complex wonder in Babylon Aigyptou (536)
  • Show the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus wonder in Halikarnassos (1981)


  1. These events can be found in /ImperatorRome/game/events/startup_events.txt.