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Trade goods

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== Mechanics ==
=== Production ===
* Each Every [[Territories|Territoryterritory]] produces one type of trade good applying the goods' effect on their , and all territories in a [[Provinces|Provinceprovince]]contribute their trade goods into a common pool.* Trade Each individual trade good has a unique set of bonuses are dependent that is applied to their [[Provinces|province]] depending on how much of the type of resource is present in the province, as well as special modifiers that can be applied nation-wide. A [[Territories|territory]] produces 1 trade good by default, but can produce more with enough labor. For each additional 15 {{icon|slaves}} slaves in a settlement and they come 20 {{icon|slaves}} slaves in a wide varietycity or metropolis (rounded down), the territory will produce one more additional trade good.  The threshold for a surplus is reduced for each territory by the [[File:Goods from slaves.png|28px]] '''Slaves needed for Local Surplus''' modifier, and across all territories in the country by the [[File:Slavesurplus2.png|28px]] '''Slaves needed for Surplus''' modifier. Sources of these modifiers include:* {{green|-2}} by the "Land Seizure Protocol" [[Laws#Republic|Land Reforms Law]] (Requires Civic Advances level 12)* Generating {{green|-1}} by the level 7 "Slave Latifundia" [[Technology#Inventions|Civic Invention]]* {{green|-2}} by [[Territories#Terrain types|Farmland]] terrain* {{green|-5}} by a [[Buildings|Farming Settlement]] or a [[Buildings|Mine]] Some territories also have unique permanent modifiers giving surplus threshold reductions, such as the Rhodian Glass Workshops in Rhodes or the Cedars of the Gods in Phoenicia.  Additionally, the [[File:Base resources.png|28px]] '''Base Resources''' modifier increases the base number of trade goods produced regardless of the number of slaves in the territory. A province will have a trade good '''withoutsurplus'' importing can be done ' if it produces more than one of a certain trade good, either if your province because it has more than one territory producing the same trade good, and/or if it has its territories have enough {{icon|slaves}} [[Population#Slaves|Slavesslaves]] to produce multiple resources in the territory. Each surplus gives a small additional bonus to the province capital, but can each individual trade good can also be [[trade|traded]]away to another province for {{icon|commerce value}} commerce income and/or to move the location (and bonuses) of the resource to another province. Imported trade goods contribute to the trade good surplus just like locally produced trade goods, while resources that are exported no longer give their effects to their province of origin.
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