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Provincial investments: Added notes on free province investments
===Provincial investments===
Provinces can be improved repeatedly with '''province investments ''' for a base cost of {{icon|political influence}} {{red|80 }} political influence each. The This cost can be reduced by heritages and technological advancesvarious [[inventions]]. Each investment takes 2 years to prepare and reduces the {{icon|local output modifier}} output of the province by {{red|1%}} during the process. The resulting effects are permanent as long as the province is inhabited and the owner isn't changed. Province investments cannot be cancelled once started, and only one investment can be made in a province at a time.
Each investment takes 2 years to prepare and reduces the {{icon|local output modifierprovince investment}} output of the It is also possible to get '''free province by investments''' from [[formable nations|forming nations]] and as a reward for certain [[missions]], which allows a country to make a provincial investment without spending any {{redicon|1%pol}} during the processpolitical power. The resulting effects are permanent as long as Note that the province is inhabited and 2 year time to make the owner isn't changedinvestment still applies.
All 4 types of investments can be applied to the same province, unlimited amount of times.
* [[File:Religious investment.png|28px]] Make Religious Endowments (Religious): [[File:Happiness for same religion modifier.png|28px]] {{green|+3%}} State Religion Happiness
{{flag|Sparta}} with the {{icon|mgr}} [[Magna Graecia (DLC)|Magna Graecia]] DLC gets 2 unique investments for the military and religious slots, replacing the usual ones:
* [[File:Military investment.png|28px]] Free Helots (Military): [[File:Happiness for same culture modifier.png|28px]] {{green|+2%}} Primary Culture Happiness, {{icon|cohort recruit speed}} {{green|+5%}} Cohort Recruit Speed, and [[File:Pop freemen output.png|28px]] {{green|+6%}} Local Freemen Output
* [[File:Religious investment.png|28px]] Commission Heroic Freize (Religious): {{icon|supply limit}} {{green|+4%}} Supply Limit and [[File:Pop citizen output.png|28px]] {{green|+3%}} Local Citizen Output

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