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Economic System
| Barter Economy Statutes
* [[File:Centralization.png|28px]] Monthly Centralization: {{green|+5%0.05}}
* [[File:Global_commerce_modifier.png|28px]] National Commerce Income: {{green|+20%}}
||''Domestic trade is a subjective matter. As long as all parties are content with the deal, then we see no reason to step in. Nonetheless, we should legislate for a system of good practice when in engaging in bartered trade. Such agreements are notoriously difficult to tax, however.''
| Coin Minting Initiative
* [[File:Centralization.png|28px]] Monthly Centralization: {{green|+0.10%}}
* [[File:Global_monthly_civilization.png|28px]] Monthly Civilization Change: {{green|+0.03%}}
||''Foreign coins are swiftly becoming the most valued from of currency within our land. To have any form of legitimacy in the eyes of our neighbors, we must initiate our own program of coin minting.''

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