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Argead Empire

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The '''Argead Empire''' is a [[Formable nations|formable nation]] representing the restoration of the Empire of Alexander the Great that had fallen apart just before the start of the game. Its Diadochi successors successor states of {{flag|Phrygia}}, {{flag|Seleukid Empire}}, {{flag|Egypt}}, {{flag|Macedon}}, and {{flag|Thrace}} are the best positioned to reform the empire, but the Argead Empire can potentially be created by any Hellenistic culture group monarchy. As an endgame tag in an unofficial "fourth tier" - even other tier 3 formables can create it, if they meet the requirements, it has the most stringent requirements but the greatest rewards of any formable nation in the game. Forming it requires conquering the main cities across every part of the empire, from Macedonia and Egypt to Mesopotamia and all the way to the Indus Valley, but grants claims across almost all of its former territory - about a quarter of the entire map - as well as giving a powerful permanent modifier, including a bonus to [[File:Happiness for wrong culture group modifier.png|28px]] Wrong Culture-Group Happiness that makes further conquests and handling {{icon|aggressive expansion}} aggressive expansion much easier, a fit reward for the heirs of the great conqueror Alexander.
== Formation requirements ==

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