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'''Albion''' is a [[Formable nations|formable nation]] in Europe, representing a unification of the British Isles and the many Pretani and Gaelic tribes. Like all other western European tier 3 formables, creating Albion requires reforming from a [[tribal|tribe]] to a [[monarchy]] or [[republic]], but distinctly requires directly owning every territory in the regions of Britannia and Caledonia, not just the major cities as with most other formables - since all the territories in the region are required, forming Albion does not give any additional claims. The tribal reformation requirement means that the more civilized tribes of southern Britannia, particularly {{flag|Icenia}} but also tribes like {{flag|Trinovantia}} or {{flag|DurotrigiaDurotriga}}, though Albion can be formed by any of the Pretani or Gaelic tribes in the region. The tier 2 formables in the British Isles - {{flag|Pretania}}, {{flag|Caledonian Confederacy}}, and {{flag|Hibernia}} - are also typically formed as a stepping stone towards the unification of Albion. Historically there was little cohesion or unity was achieved between the tribes of Albion outside of parts of Britannia before the {{flag|Rome|0}} [[Rome|Roman]] invasions, and the British Isles would not come under a single ruler until the union of Scotland and England over a millennia and a half later.
== Formation requirements ==

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