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In a [[monarchy]], authority lies entirely in the hands of the ruler who controls the government and can generally do as he or she wishes, so long as the rest of the realm remains loyal. Monarchs sit for life with a consort to assist them and succession runs entirely along familial lines, with the throne inherited from parent to child or from one sibling to the next depending on the exact succession law. This concentration of power in a single person, however, means that much more attention must be paid to the legitimacy of the current ruler as the country sees it as well as fending off the threats of pretenders and claimants who would drive the realm into civil war in order to claim the throne for themselves.
Monarchies are common throughout the east, from the many realms of the Diadochi to the Indian dynasties spanning its north and south, as well as the smaller states of Sogdiana and the Tarim Basin and the ancient kingdoms of Nubia and Ethiopia. Some, such as {{flag|Sparta}} or {{flag|SyracuseSyracusae}}, can also be found further to the west among the more predominant republics of the region.
===Monarchy governments===

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