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'''Colchis''' is a fairly large regional power located along the eastern Black Sea in the Caucasian Mountains, within the region of Caucasia. Colchis shares borders with the nations of {{flag|Iberia}} to the east, {{flag|Legia}} and {{flag|Siracia}} to the north, {{flag|Phasis}} to the west, {{flag|Trapezous}} and the major power of {{flag|Armenia}} to the southwest. Additionally, Colchis shares a sea tile with {{flag|Sinope}}'s Graeco-Pontic feudatory of {{flag|Kerausous}}. Colchis begins in 450 AUC with a sizable population for a regional power, having 134 pops in it's 24 cities, the vast majority of which belong to Colchis' primary culture and religion. Colchis' starting army consists of 2 cohorts of archers, 2 cohorts of light infantry, 2 supply trains, and a starting navy of 1 liburnian, 1 trireme, 1 tetrere, and 1 hexere. Colchis in 450 AUC starts in a strong position, except with stronger neighbors to the east and south. If a Colchis player can defeat or keep Iberia and Armenia at bay, Colchis has the potential to unite the Caucasus under a single banner, and even form the empire of {{flag|Persia}} if the {{flag|Seleucid Seleukid Empire}} is overcome.
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