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Antigonid Kingdom

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* Egypt: The Egyptian provinces along the Nile river are some of the most populous provinces in the game, making Egypt a tempting target for expansion. Phrygia should be able to muster a larger army than Egypt, and with careful play and well chosen war goals, be able to beat Egypt. One thing to be careful of is the land connecting Egypt and Phrygia, which has a fort in Gaza and is otherwise mostly desert. The player must siege down the fort to enter Egypt (a naval landing is foolhardy unless the player can muster an enormous navy to land a large enough army) and keep reinforcements close at hand, which can cause enormous attrition. One helpful trick is to hire mercenaries to siege Gaza, and have the mercenaries assault the fort to speed up progress. After Gaza has fallen, the rest of Egypt has no forts except at Alexandria, making it ripe for occupation and enslavement. The Egyptian provinces are very rich and some provinces produce papyrus; however, like the Seleucid provinces, most cities are of the wrong culture.
 ===Unique aspects of Phrygia===
With the introduction of missions and changes in events. 1.3 gives a very different playstyle for any Phrygian player.
Without going too much in depth on what to do, especially since the missions might give you excellent options to expand in Greece or Asia Minor, Phrygia is an excellent choice for any player who wish to see the lategame playstyle from the start.
You will also be able to experience both the use of large armies with most unit combinations, large naval battles, and a several front war. Important point on navy, Phrygia has 3 of the largest ships ingame (you're able to get more through a mission as well as through the military tradition). These ships are quite powerful if not overpowered earlygame, as they give you the ability to breach fortresses near the coast for 30% of their HP. Or simply REMOVE the fortress for 70% of one ships hitpoints. Meaning all forts of Egypt can be removed at the start of the war if you're planning ahead. If combined with Egypt attacking a neighbour in the south, you pretty much have free reign to occupy his whole capital region without any resistance. Not to mention it is the same situation for Macedonia and Thrace, which both have forts with ports.
===Diplomacy outside your military reach===
Relations with nations outside your sphere of conquests can be increased quite easily if you're willing to invest some Political power. There is one important aspect which should be noted, try and do this before you reach Great Power, as you'll not be able to ally nations after this point, depriving you of about +50 relation.

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