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===Provincial investments===
Provinces can be improved repeatedly with investments for {{icon|political influence}} 80 Political Influence political influence each. The cost can be reduced by heritages and technological advances.
Each investment takes 2 years to prepare and reduces the {{icon|local output modifier}} output of the province by {{red|1% }} during this the process. The resulting effects are permanent as long as the province is inhabited and the owner isn't changed.
All 4 types of investments can be applied to the same province, unlimited amount of times.
*[[File:Military investment.png|28px]] Install Provincial Procurators(Military): 4% Population Output and [[File:Monthly state loyalty.png|28px]] {{green|+0.01 }} Monthly Province Loyaltyand {{icon|local output modifier}} {{green|+4%}} Population Output*[[File:Civic investment.png|28px]] Promote Infrastructure Spending(Civic): [[File:Local building slot.png|28px]] {{green|+1 }} City Building Slot.Slots*[[File:Oratory investment.png|28px]] Entice Business Investments(Oratory): [[File: Global state trade routes.png|28px]] {{green|+1 }} Local Import Routes*[[File:Religious investment.png|28px]] Make Religious Endowments(Religious): [[File: Happiness for same religion modifier.png|28px]] {{green|+3% }} State Religion Happiness in Province
{{flag|Sparta }} with the {{icon|mgr}} [[Downloadable_content#Magna_GraeciaMagna Graecia (DLC)|Magna Graecia]] DLC gets 2 unique investmentsfor the military and religious slots:* [[File:Military investment.png|28px]] Free Helots (Military): [[File:Happiness for same culture modifier.png|28px]] {{green|+2%}} Primary Culture Happiness, {{icon|cohort recruit speed}} {{green|+5%}} Cohort Recruit Speed, and [[File:Pop freemen output.png|28px]] {{green|+6%}} Local Freemen Output* [[File:Religious investment.png|28px]] Commission Heroic Freize (Religious): {{icon|supply limit}} {{green|+4%}} Supply Limit and [[File:Pop citizen output.png|28px]] {{green|+3%}} Local Citizen Output
===Capital province===

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