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*Each province has a governor policy.
*Each province has a loyalty value.
*Each province has a food supply and food capacity.
*The province capital may be changed at the cost of province loyalty.
===Provincial investments===
Provinces can be improved repeatedly with investments for {{icon|political influence}} 80 Political Influence political influence each. The cost can be reduced by heritages and technological advances.
Each investement investment takes 2 years to prepare and reduces the {{icon|local output modifier}} output of the province by {{red|1% }} during this the process. The resulting effects are permanent as long as the province is inhabited and the owner isn't changed.
All 4 types of investments can be applied to the same province, unlimited amount of times.
*[[File:Military investment.png|28px]] Install Provincial Procurators(Military): 4% Population Output and [[File:Monthly state loyalty.png|28px]] {{green|+0.01 }} Monthly Province Loyaltyand {{icon|local output modifier}} {{green|+4%}} Population Output*[[File:Civic investment.png|28px]] Promote Infrastructure Spending(Civic): [[File:Local building slot.png|28px]] {{green|+1 }} City Building Slot.Slots*[[File:Oratory investment.png|28px]] Entice Business Investments(Oratory): [[File:Global state trade routes.png|28px]] {{green|+1 }} Local Import Routes*[[File:Religious investment.png|28px]] Make Religious Endowments(Religious): [[File:Happiness for same religion modifier.png|28px]] {{green|+3% }} State Religion Happiness in Province {{flag|Sparta}} with the {{icon|mgr}} [[Magna Graecia (DLC)|Magna Graecia]] DLC gets 2 unique investments for the military and religious slots:* [[File:Military investment.png|28px]] Free Helots (Military): [[File:Happiness for same culture modifier.png|28px]] {{green|+2%}} Primary Culture Happiness, {{icon|cohort recruit speed}} {{green|+5%}} Cohort Recruit Speed, and [[File:Pop freemen output.png|28px]] {{green|+6%}} Local Freemen Output* [[File:Religious investment.png|28px]] Commission Heroic Freize (Religious): {{icon|supply limit}} {{green|+4%}} Supply Limit and [[File:Pop citizen output.png|28px]] {{green|+3%}} Local Citizen Output
===Capital province===
The province with the country's capital is its ''capital province''.
The capital province is always loyal and has extra will not rebel.  The capital province begins with +2 trade imports from 'Trading Permits.' This may be changed in the economy tab under commerce income. Increasing country rank gives additional capital import routes. A regional power receives one extra capital trade route. A major power has another additional capital trade route.  A trade good surplus in the capital province also applies a nationwide ''capital surplus'' modifier.
Each pop in the capital province has a {{green|+2510%}} output modifier (stacking with the capital city and capital region modifiers).
===Provincial loyalty===
Loyalty increases from:
* the governor's loyalty (up to {{green|+0.25}} at 100 loyalty)
* the Harsh Treatment policy ({{green|+0.3}} at 9 finesse)
* the military investments (Provincial Procurators) ({{green|+0.01}} per level)
* Courts of Law in cities ({{green|+0.02}} each, adjusted by population size)
* 0 unrest ({{green|+0.1}} adj. by population size)
At 33% loyalty the province is considered disloyal.
===Governor policies===
All policy effects are modified by the governergovernor's {{icon|civ}} [[Attributes#Finesse|Finesse]].
The values below are given for 9 {{icon|civ}}.
At 0 {{icon|civ}} the effects are reduced by 90% Each point of {{icon|civ}} above 9 increases them by 10%.
The equation is: ev=0.1*v+0.1*v*Finesse, v is value at finesse 9, ev is the scaled effective value. When a governer governor is assigned, they chose a random policy based on the factors listed in the Chance column.
{| class="mildtable"
! !! Policy
|| Religious Conversion
* Conversion speed {{green|+53}}
|| ''Increases religious conversion speed.''
''The tooltip is outdated.''
* Province commerce: {{green|+25%}}
* Local Monthly Food Modifier: {{green|+10%}}
| ''This policy increases trade income a̶n̶d̶ ̶t̶r̶a̶d̶e̶ ̶r̶o̶u̶t̶e̶s̶, by encouraging foreign traders to do business in the area.''''The tooltips is outdated''
* +5 if the Governor has the trait Silver Tongued
| Social Mobility
* Pop promotion speed: {{green|+5100%}}* Pop demotion speed: {{green|+100%}}| ''Increases promotion and demotion speed''''The tooltip is outdated''
* Will never be picked

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