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==Using diplomatic actions==
Some diplomatic actions are locked depending on your [[country rank]]. For example, only a Major Power can use the Proclaim Guarantee action.
If your [[Government|government type]] is a republic, the senate will vote on the action, although you can still force it through even if a majority votes against it. This will give you [[tyranny]].
==Diplomatic relations cap==
A nation, depending on its rank, can have a number of diplomatic relations. Each Alliance and Tributary counts as 1 relation, while a defensive league occupies just 1 slot, no matter how big it is. For each relation over your limit, all your power costs are increased by 10%.
====Declare War / Sue for Peace====
Declares war on another nation.
====Offer/Dissolve Alliance====
Creates an [[alliance]] between two nations.
====Demand/Break/Cancel Tribute====
====Invite/Kick/Leave Defensive League====
====Improve Relation====
Improves your relations with another nation.
====Ask/Cancel Military Access====
Lets you move your armies through another nation's territory.
====Offer/Cancel Military Access====
Lets another nation move through your territory.

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