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Accumulated points
{{icon|research points}} Research - Automatically spent toward advancing fields of [[Technology#Research_Points|research]].
=== Aggressive expansion Expansion and Tyranny ===Conquering cities raises the {{icon|aggressive expansion}} ''Aggressive expansion-Expansion'' valueis raised by conquering new territories or forcing vassalization. Aggressive expansion value acts as a strong modifier in diplomatic relations between states. The higher this it is, the less other worse foreign nations likes this view the expansionist state. This might influence the likelihood to form [[alliances ]] and [[defensive pactsleagues]]. The base value is '''0''', and it cannot become go negative. The base growth reduction rate of ''Aggressive Expansion'' is a negative of {{green|-?.?}} , which is affected by several modifiers, so that it defaults its value goes back to 0. There are of course modifiers for the growth rate.
{{icon|tyranny}} '''Tyranny''' is a value accumulated by each state by abusive acts , such as imprisoning characters on false charges, crucifying people, sacrificing infants, or declaring war without Senate support, and other things decisions generally considered malevolent to the populace. '''Tyranny ''' is tracked by a metervalue, incurring negative consequences to a state, and as it increases, so do the negative ramifications for the player's country.
== State rank ==

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